GSB’s Survey: LPO Becoming Mainstream Practise for Attorneys in India

Outsourcing Legal Work to India Reduces 80 % Cost Using Services of American law firms.

The advantage of the time zone, availability of English speaking attorneys and familiarity with common law doctrines attract foreign firms. Indian attorneys with US/UK qualifications are sought after. International attorneys are impressed not only by the labor cost differential, but also by the quality and speed of work done. Most LPO outfits in India are reported to be staffed 24/7.

Now, the above mentioned is the foreign attorney’s point of view. As an Indian attorney’s point of view they see a great potential and development in this market. The starting salary of around 25, 000 per month is attracting quality lawyers towards this industry.

Law fresher now accepts that the orthodox Indian practise is not the only option left for them to earn their bread and butter or make career. With a reasonable starting salary structure and huge potential they are dedicated to spend their portion on life in this industry and produce best results for US law firms.

However, sometimes with the passage of time the nature of job becomes monotonous and routine. But the smart outsourcing company usually lets its staff to do variety of work. This helps them to learn variety of new work and their interest is maintained.

With the quality lawyers now entering into the field of LPO will increase more standard of quality and speed of the work with great amount of assistance to the law firms in US.

GSB’s door is always open for the quality lawyers and other sector experts to produce great results along with high quality of work to the law firms, solo attorneys and other related sectors in US. Whosoever, is willing to dedicate its services is always welcomed in GSB LPO Services.