United States of America

Who we are

GSB LPO, primarily aims at furnishing the chronological and solid solution to our customers. We cater to the most peculiar outsourcing need of clients in the USA. In the USA abode, we provide services such as Personal Injury Outsourcing, Document Review Services, Document management and services such as Adoption Document and Bankruptcy and Foreclosures. LPO market and patent support, is witnessing enormous growth in the USA. We are a group of well entrenched people that work in order to provide specialised and cost effective standard services to the associated. We assure greater value and enhanced strategic services that are well coordinated and managed by our staff. While catering to the demands of the USA counterpart we focus on providing diligence, augmented quality services, talent accentuating, transparency and greater value to our customers. The LPO market in the USA is estimated to be at USD 4.7 Billion in the year 2020, and is forecasted to reach greater value with time. It is the most spanning segment of work, especially when it comes to the USA scenario. The competition has become edgier and services that are rendered, have come on a cut throat level.

LPO services we provide in the USA

We offer inclined manoeuvre towards services like medical summary, medico – legal research, personal injury, pre – litigation, treatment calendars, deposition summary, contract information, contract review in the USA. GSB LPO strives to work in a dynamic way to attain predetermined objectives. We focus on setting goals and standards to achieve the best of our potential. Our entity aims at ensuring high quality, efficient, reliable and detailed offers to our customers, that further helps in customer support and relationship building. Customer satisfaction, formality, and quality services are our biggest recognition. Our service stratification includes data compilation, exhaustive research, analysis paradigm, reliability and detailed overview.
The USA outsourcing market paradigm shifts with the changing dynamics and significant growth momentum. And it has even been extended to that of subcontracting with corporate organisations and other firms in the USA itself. Each passing day, there’s some development in this sector.

We provide a transparent, single point contact model, in order to save our clients from any kind of visible confusion and multiple interactions for work of similar nature. This helps in saving their precious time. In addition to all this, we even make sure to reap the most cost effective benefits and bridging the gaps thereof. We spanned over the USA in order to make client – centric consortium that works primarily for the benefits of clients. We promote teamwork, group performance, skilfulness, growth, strategic development, talent harnessing, experience building, liaisons and collective development of our team. This is how it reflects in the work.

How are we different

In the US scenario, the greater emphasis always is on the way duties are imparted. Services are supposed to be rendered in a much more logical and systematic way. The most peculiar services should be procured in the most cost effective and timely manner. It entails the shifting of work pressure on our core team that helps them in attaining the most precise, error free services. Our team involves the most experienced, learner and well versed personnel that is goal oriented, distinctive, competitive and adhere to the guidelines. We align our working regime as per the deadlines, requisites, guidelines and available resources. On the basis of which, we develop a routine, alter the approach as and when required and bring the best services forward. Our working methodology is not spontaneous and instinctive, rather analytical, dynamic, experimented, and investigative in nature. Also, we believe in formulating our research on the most peculiar aspects of what the client shares with us and we make sure we’re constantly in touch with our clients till the very completion of work. Our team peruse the most sensitive, cardinal, small details when it comes to the research methodology.

Different projects that we have handled

Our website contains the segment that profoundly describes the work handled by us in the past. It further talks about our changing approach with the crucial cases and gives an idea of our dynamic work ethics and related factors. GSB team has certainly handled a number of medical summaries, legal research, documentation, reviews, contractual management and document review and management. Our working regime has a “Free Pilot Project” that we’ve formulated to show the kind of work we endeavour to achieve and our clients can always do a keen check and certainty before assigning us the projects. Our confidentiality policy is of paramount importance for us and thus the data entrusted with is always safeguarded. Rather, when it comes to proving the credibility and legitimacy of our work, we issue the “Reference Letters” so that our clients can do a prior check before they decide to render our services.

How can you connect with GSB

We have our formal website with the name of GSB LPO. In order to avail any such kind of services, one can simply visit the contact us page and fill the details thereof. Our team takes over from their and reverts back at the earliest possible convenience. One can also contact us on these numbers +1-210-807-4004, +91-11-4706-9622. Our email id is also given on the website. You can write us on [email protected]. We respect your time and privacy.