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Are You Tensed About Too Many Worker’s Compensation Claims? Let GSB LPO Lighten Your Load. Outsource Your Worker’s Compensation Work To Us. We’ll Get The Job Done On Time, So You Can Relax.

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Workers Compensation Outsourcing Services For Law Firms

At GSB LPO Services, we’re not just experts in managing worker’s compensation claims – we’re pioneers in the field. With over a decade of experience serving law firms and attorneys across the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia, we understand the complexities and nuances of legal work like no other.

Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to providing best-in-class support to help you manage the difficulties of worker’s compensation cases with ease. From claim file indexing and medical document management to court filings and document submission, we handle every aspect of the process with precision and efficiency.

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Our List Of Worker’s Compensation Outsourcing Services

May it be a wilful misconduct case, discrimination against workers, or injury in the course of employment, we provide outsourcing services keeping in mind the quality and turnaround time. The list of services we offer to assist attorneys and law firms includes the following:

Claim File Index
We organize and catalog medical documents and records related to worker’s compensation claims. Our services make it easier for attorneys to locate specific information when needed.

Medical File
Our team extracts medical documents from the claim file and arranges them chronologically based on the order of treatment.

Medical Index
Prepare an index that lists the dates of services provided by each healthcare provider arranged in reverse chronological order for easy reference.

Evaluation sheet
We compile a concise summary of major events throughout the treatment process and claim handling, including medical appointments, communications from the adjuster, and other pertinent details.

Electronic Filing and Distribution
Use electronic means to file documents and distribute correspondence to all relevant parties involved in a case.

Mail Management
We handle incoming mail from diverse sources, associating them with corresponding cases, and performing tasks such as renaming and tagging for efficient organization.

Other Worker’s Compensation Services
  1. Proof of Service for Minutes of Hearing (MOH).
  2. Proof of Service for Notice of Hearing (NOH) including Cancellation and Rescheduled Notice of Hearing (NOH)
  3. Notice of Hearing (NOH).
  4. Deposition Notice including Cancellation Deposition Notice and Rescheduled Deposition Notice.
  5. Objection to Declaration of Readiness to Proceed including Verification and POS.
  6. Declaration of Readiness to Proceed along with Proof of Service (POS).
  7. Cross Examination Notice along with its Proof of Service and Check Request to Client including Cancellation Cross Exam Notice and its Proof of Service (POS).
  8. Opening Letters
    • Letter to Applicant Attorney regarding Settlement (LTA Settlement).
    • 4663 Medical History Form.
    • Proof of Service for Letter to Applicant Attorney regarding Settlement (LTA Settlement) and 4663 Medical History Form.
    • Notice of Representation along with its Proof of Service (POS).
    • EDD Letter
    • CV Request Letter to Doctor.
  9. Panel Qualified Medical Evaluation and Agreed Medical Evaluation (PQME/AME) Letters including-
    • Respective Letters to Client,
    • Letter to Applicant Attorney,
    • Letter to Doctor along with Proof of Service (POS)
    • Panel Qualified Medical Evaluation and Agreed Medical Evaluation (PQME/AME) Supplemental Letters, Amended Letters, and
    • Defendants Panel Qualified Medical Evaluation and
    • Agreed Medical Evaluation (PQME/AME) Advocacy Letters along with Proof of Service (POS) including Fully Executed Joint Agreed Medical Evaluation (AME Letters) etc.,
  10. Panel Qualified Medical Evaluation and Agreed Medical Evaluation (PQME/AME) Appointment Notices along with respective (POS) including Cancellation, Rescheduled Appointment Notices.
  11. Panel Qualified Medical Evaluation (PQME) Strike Letter along with its Proof of Service (POS).
  12. Answer and 4906h Declaration along with their Proof of Service (POS).
  13. Substitution of Attorney (SOA) along with its Proof of Service (POS).
  14. Various Letters to Workers Compensation Appeal Board (WCAB) along with their respective Proof of Service (POS) including –
    • Order Taking Off Calendar for Expedited Hearing (OTOC) Request
    • Fully Executed Stipulations with Request for Award
    • Fully Executed Compromise and Release, and
    • Panel Qualified Medical Evaluation (PQME) Waiver etc.
  15. Lien Affidavit and Lien Search EAMS.
  16. E-filing of Pre-Trial Conference Statement along with its Proof of Service (POS), Order Approving Compromise and Release (OACR) and its Proof of Service (POS) etc.
  17. Various Petitions including
    • Motion to Quash SubPoena Duces Tecum
    • Petition to Compel Deposition
    • Petition to Dismiss for Lack of Employment
    • Petition for Cease and Desist Order
    • Petition to Change Venue
    • Defendants Objection to Petition for 5710 Fees
    • Defendants Objection to Petition for Neurological Panel, Petition to Dismiss for Lack of Coverage etc.
  18. Various other types of Letters to Clients (LTC’s) including 30 MAAP, Opening Reports and Deposition Summary, etc.

Benefits Of Workers Compensation Outsourcing Services

You Can Drop Your Burden On Us

If you are swamped with work, trust us to handle your workload with ease, and relax. We will work as a virtual office for your firm and take care of all your legal tasks and speed up your progress and growth.

Your Work Is Done While You Enjoy The Trip

If you are planning a vacation, but hesitating to take a trip due to workload, no worries, send us all your work and enjoy your trip. We are here to take care of all your work.

Your Assistant To Paralegal

If your paralegal is unavailable or badly needs assistance then we are here. We can be very useful to your paralegals and assist them in their work which would be great time-saving. Our virtual assistance will help them to take care of other important tasks and save them a lot of time.

You Can Save Time & Relax

Give us a deadline for the assignment and relax. For sure, no deadlines will be missed. Our strength is timely delivery with high quality. GSB LPO is specialized in managing large volumes of documents efficiently. By outsourcing claim file indexing services, law firms, and attorneys can save time on tedious administrative tasks, and focus on more critical aspects of their cases.

Working At your Time Zone

Be it PST, EST, CST, or AKST, our staff is available to assist you in your time zone. For work like daily emails, correspondences, or quick communication with your firm of staff we make sure that the time zone difference does not become a hurdle, so, if required, we provide a dedicated staff as per your time zone to make sure the ball rolls quickly without any waste of time.

Reduce The Risk Of Errors

Our experienced and skilled paralegals with expertise in document management and indexing. ensure accurate and thorough indexing of medical records, treatment timelines, and other relevant documents, reducing the risk of errors or oversights in claim preparation.

Save Your Cost

Our claim file indexing services allow you to access specialized services without the overhead costs of hiring and training in-house staff. With our flexible pricing models, you can pay only for the services you need, resulting in cost savings of up to 75%.

No Worry About Scalability and Flexibility
We can scale our services according to the needs of the law firms, accommodating fluctuations in caseloads or project requirements. So, you have the flexibility to scale your operations up or down as needed without the hassle of hiring and managing additional staff.

Improved Client Service

By outsourcing claim file indexing services to GSB LPO, you can devote more time and attention to client communication and case management. This can lead to improved client satisfaction and outcomes, as you can provide more personalized and responsive service to your clients.

Our Worker Compensation Outsourcing Process

Attorneys/Firms upload documents/scanned copies on secured software.

We collect specific instructions and deadlines via email.

Our Medico-Legal head confirms the email and reviews the assignment.

The assignment is allocated to the team as per requirements.

Our team diligently works on the assignment, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Thorough review and proofreading are conducted before dispatch.

Upon successful completion, we notify the client via email.

Continuous follow-up is maintained, addressing any further needs or inquiries.

The process ends with feedback collection and client satisfaction assurance.

How GSB LPO’s Workers’ Compensation Outsourcing Works?

Our experts at GSB LPO Services, follow a clear step-by-step process to prepare summarized medical reports for workers’ compensation claims.

Upon receiving the file we work accordingly.

  1. We prepare a Medico-legal chronology sheet which includes the following: medical records chronology, claim notes, chronology of all the correspondences done in-between adjuster and applicant, adjuster and applicant attorney, and applicant attorney and the applicant.
  2. We prepare a Claim File Index which includes- indexing of the entire claim along with briefing of the nature of the document which can be medical records, correspondences, notes, court documents, depositions, notices, etc. This is prepared in Excel sheets in two formats (newest to oldest and oldest to newest).
  3. Preparing Medical File– Segregate the entire medical records, arrange them in chronological order, and prepare a separate folder.
  4. Preparing Medical Index– Upon segregation of medical records, the next step is preparing a medical index that includes listing the names of doctors along with the date of services.
  5. Aggrieved Medical Evaluation (AME) and Panel Qualified Medical Evaluation (PQME)- preparing medical letters and indexes for AME and PQME letters which are prepared with the intent to send to the AME and PQME doctors for evaluation.
  6. Daily Mail- Usually, the firm uploads all the hard copies of the correspondence in One Drive and then instructs us to download and rename those documents, and then we upload the renamed documents to their cases and then tag them. Generally, we use Merus software but at GSB we are open to adapting any software as per the client’s preference.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our charges for outsourcing worker’s claim file indexing services typically range from $10 – $25 and may change based on the volume and complexity of the project. Typically, our rates are competitive and tailored to suit the specific needs of each client. We ensure transparency in pricing and work closely with our clients to provide cost-effective solutions.

Our typical turnaround time for indexing worker’s compensation claim files depends on the size of the project and specific client requirements. However, we strive to deliver efficient results within a reasonable timeframe. We prioritize prompt delivery without compromising on the quality and accuracy of our indexing services.

Please visit the Contact Us page on our website and fill out our inquiry form, and we’ll reach out promptly. Your dedicated expert will discuss your needs, and propose a plan, and upon approval, we’ll welcome you aboard and ensure a smooth process as we move forward. You can also call us at +1-770-462-4620 for a quick consultation.

Our team of experienced paralegals undergoes thorough training and follows standardized procedures to maintain high-quality standards. We conduct regular reviews and checks at various stages to identify and rectify any errors or discrepancies.

At GSB LPO, we utilize secure software provided by the client for file indexing and document management. We are also comfortable working with any software which our client wants us to work on.

At GSB LPO, safeguarding client information is our top priority. We have stringent security measures in place, including the signing of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with all our employees. Additionally, we enforce strict access controls and encryption protocols to protect client data from unauthorized access or disclosure. Our team undergoes regular training on data security best practices to uphold the highest standards of confidentiality and compliance. With GSB LPO, you can trust that your sensitive information is in safe hands.

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