United Kingdom

Who we are

GBS LPO is an outsourcing firm that aims at providing remedies to the clients in a comprehensive, solid and static manner, as per the cases. We target outsourcing services in the UK with special emphasis on the clients and their demands. We impart adoption services, foreclosures, bankruptcy services, reviews and other document management services in lieu of outsourcing in the country. Our in-depth knowledge on subject matter coupled with years of experience, makes us the most appropriate choice for our UK clients. We have a work comity and conformity with the needs and demands of our clients. Our group comprises people who are well acquainted with the subject matter they are asked to work upon. Patent laws and outsourcing are the new reigning regiments in the UK, with enhanced awareness, inputs, interests and investment. Clients primarily expect value based work with strategic implementations, liaison, directing and legal reviews. Our staff is a set of one of the most coordinated people who serve in a way, that becomes a statement of work. We establish a diligent working environment with the sole purpose of keeping keen eye on the specificities and loopholes while perusing any matter thereto. We have witnessed a great work spanning in the past few years and it has motivated us to perform better, with greater emphasis on the changing market paradigm and timely legal interventions. As soon as we pick up a potential project we endeavour to activate the potent resources and deliver required services in a timely manner. Our budgetary proffering is the highlight of our services and especially when it is accorded with a timely transition.

How do we help our clients

Our wide range of services aid in confidence building by helping the clients choose what best suits their interests. We aim at imparting services such as medical summary, deposition summary, medico-legal research, treatment calendars and other related predicaments. The procedural aspect at GSB LPO is dynamic in nature and helps in client’s trust building. Our primary pillars are exhaustive and detailed research, data stratification in desired manner, analysis, reliability, timely dispersal, detailed pursuit and cost effectiveness.

  • Responsiveness
  • Management
  • Seamless accessibility and data protection
  • Data mining
  • Stratification
  • Reliability
  • Client – centric approach

Our working system is not opaque unless it comes to the privacy of our clients and people who are associated with us. Client’s interest is our biggest priority. Our services are single point services that clearly save the time of our clients and they need not approach multiple people in order to get their work done. The way we extend the services, is productivity yielding, result oriented, momentous, transparent, feasible, strategic, planned and not spontaneous. Our associated personnel is very much edgy in competition with a healthy work development ideology by being better version of themselves with time. Deadlines play just as important roles in our working rituals with greater emphasis on details, peculiarities and the loopholes.

Projects handled by us

Our website has the detailed segment that exclusively describes the work handled by us in the past. It also talks about our changing approach with the cardinal cases that we have handled in past and gives an idea of our dynamic work ethics, approach, conduct and related factors. GSB team has handled a number of medical summaries, legal research, documentation, reviews, contractual management and document review and management. Our working regime is more of a client oriented approach and has a “Free Pilot Project” that we’ve formulated to show the kind of work we endeavour to achieve and our clients can always do a keen check and certainty before assigning us the projects. Our confidentiality policy is of paramount importance for us and thus the data entrusted with is always safeguarded.

Connect with us

We have our formal website with the name of GSB LPO. In order to avail any such kind of services, one can simply visit the contact us page and fill the details thereof. Our team takes over from their and reverts back at the earliest possible convenience. One can also contact us on these numbers +1-210-807-4004, +91-11-4706-9622. Our email id is also given on the website. You can write us on [email protected]. We respect your time and privacy.