Industries Served

GSB LPO Services is an outsourcing company that offers legal solutions to In house legal departments, Attorneys, Corporate Industries and Law Firms.

Our proficient team of paralegals and advisors provide quality litigation facilities in regards to personal injury, adoption documentation, legal data mining, data warehousing, legal research etc. Though many of you may not agree, the works of paralegals determine the future exactness of lawsuits.

The industries we serve:

We are attuned in catering to a vast plethora of Industries pertaining to various working sections. Even though each industry served asks for similar patterned pre litigation work, either ways we thrive to cover all essential intricacies that amasses each judicial case followed by covering in detail each categorical loopholes.

  1. Law Firms (Small and large Sector)
  2. Individual Attorneys
  3. Corporate Attorneys
  4. Corporate industries
  5. Specialists in Trademarks and Patents
  6. Insurance
  7. Real Estate Sectors

GSB LPO Services is specialized in working from remote computers without intruding any of company’s ongoing proceedings, yet efficient enough in delivering on time work orders and precise documentation.

Each year, million cases swarm up in legal companies. The work load of each lawyer multiplies in a matter of time thereby reducing the quality of work and increasing the time to complete each pre litigation matter. The process is long and not as easy as it is perceived on big screens. GSB LPO Services is well versed in supporting cases from each of the above industries and follows a meticulous approach where paralegals are designated in various departments. In brief, each industry is served by a set of pre appointed paralegals who ensures in delivering steady and uninterrupted work flow.