Benefit of Legal Outsourcing for Solo Attorneys

Are you an individual attorney and looking for a helping hand for your business at affordable rates? GSB LPO Services is an LPO firm in India offering high quality legal outsourcing services to individual attorneys, small as well as large law firms. Litigation services in U.S and rest of Europe is quite an expensive proposition as most of the lawyers or attorneys work on an hourly basis and charge very high. During our years of experience and expertise in LPO sector, we have figured out that most of the clients give preference to flat-fee basis module instead of hourly fee structure. For solo attorneys, legal fees are undoubtedly a vital component of their budget and can be easily controlled by going for legal outsourcing for solo attorneys. Let us explore the various benefits of legal outsourcing for solo attorneys.

LPO primarily involves drafting, deponent summaries, blogs, legal writing and related articles. It primarily helps in budgeting strategies and assures quality work with a comparatively reduced turnaround time. There is, indeed, help in operational cost reduction with greater linkage of talented and skilled personnel. It is one of the most convenient and preferred destination and workload assessment technique.

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Highly Skilled Workforce for Legal Outsourcing Services for Solo Attorney.

We are a reputed name for high quality legal outsourcing service. We are backed by a highly skilled workforce trained to handle various legal issues and tasks as per U.S, UK and Canadian laws and have brought in success streak for numerous clients. Opt for our legal outsourcing for solo attorneys and harness the potential of our proficient and talented attorneys for all sorts of legal support and services for your clients.

Reduced Operational Costs:  There is a huge cost difference between the operational costs of a business in India and other European countries in terms of office space, living costs, and various other operational costs. It enables us to function effectively at significantly lower costs. As an individual attorney, you can save up to 50-75% of what you pay to an equivalently talented lawyer in U.S. What we charge from you is the amount that is actually used for the quality of the legal or Para-legal services offered by us instead of other exorbitant costs charged by companies while offering legal outsourcing for solo attorneys.

Qualitative Aspect: Irrespective of what we charge from our clients, we never undermine the quality of the legal services provided by us. By relying on our legal outsourcing for solo attorneys, you can be at liberty from the inconsistency in the quality and fee charged for services. Get faster turnaround time without any perplexity.

Time Zone Flexibility: A 12-hour time difference between India and U.S facilitates easy undertaking of urgent legal matters as per the business working hours of the two countries. At GSB LPO Services, we offer 24/7 availability for effective time management and to facilitate easy and reliable support for all our esteemed clients. It also improves the time efficiency of our legal outsourcing service for solo attorneys.

At GSB LPO Services you can get aforementioned benefits by opting for our legal outsourcing for solo attorneys. Don’t wait; Request a Quote or Contact Us. We would love to hear from you.