Security Measures At GSB LPO Services

At GSB LPO Services ,Safeguarding the data of client and maintaining confidentiality is of utmost importance. Our processes, systems and management ensure that client’s data, intellectual property and vital information is used in a secure environment.

We follow strict and stringent processes of security for storage, usage, transfer, retrieval and, deletion of client data. We ensure that all of our employees are properly screened and that every employee takes security and confidentiality seriously.


  • Photo ID checks
  • Restricted internet access, emails, media drives and websites
  • Restricted downloading
  • Adequate procedure deny theft, use or disclosure of Personal Data
  • Binding non-disclosure agreements with all the employees
  • No personal visitors
  • Photo ID checks


  • High security network with limited access controls
  • Highly protected networking process with firewalls, sonic walls and advanced features
  • Highly protected protocols for transfer of data
  • Adherence to rigorous password security standards
  • A robust backup process ensures that data remains secure and uncorrupted in the event of a disaster
  • Data security with highly standardized information security management system


  • Significant Reductions from US/UK Rates (50%-75%)
  • Project Management Increases Cost Savings and Efficiencies
  • Flexible Billing Models Based on What’s Right for the Project

To obtain more information about our state-of-the-art security, please contact us.