Virtual Paralegal Services

What Is Virtual Paralegal Services
Virtual Paralegal Services (VPS) consists a team of expert level paralegals who on request or demand provide paralegal services to law firms and corporations. This service is most commonly provided for bankruptcy cases under chapter 7 and 13 of the U.S. Code. VPS ensures the strength of the paralegal team as an experienced, affordable and fast- responding team members.

Virtual Paralegal Bankruptcy Services

We at GSB LPO Services provide assistance through the virtual medium by the following

  1. Clients interview.
  2. Diligent searches.
  3. Prepare petition and schedules.
  4. Obtain documents and follow up.

Prepare chapter 7, 13, local forms and other assistance related to bankruptcy.

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    Why Choose Virtual Paralegal Services

    VPS business model is designed to be flexible to provide the access of paralegal services to law firms and corporations. With a team of expert paralegals, the lags and gaps are filled by assisting with the specialized needs which are all covered by the paralegals. VPS is cost effective, time saving and focus is completely given to the subject matter.

    Advantages Of Virtual Paralegal Services

    1. No last minute deadlines as works are completed before time.
    2. Increased bottom line profits.
    3. Time for business expansion
    4. Access to experienced workforce at an affordable costs.
    5. Flexible in modifying the projects at the needs and requirements.

    What Makes GSB LPO Services Better Among Others Virtual Paralegal Providers

    1. Cost Effective – we at GSB LPO Services are flexible than any other providers, as we assure that there is no hourly minimums or contract commitments, the clients as per there wish can start, resume or stop the services according to their costs.
    2. Capability – we at GSB LPO Services have an experienced and well trained experts to support legal needs as compared to others providers, we analyze the needs of our clients to provide them the best professionals who will be their solution to the problem.
    3. Experience – we at GSB LPO Services have …experience, our paralegals belong to a respectful and effective legal backgrounds who are expertise in making effective and efficient work without any learning curve.
    4. Performance – we at GSB LPO Services have vigorous testing and qualifying process for the ongoing development and training process of our paralegals, which ensures on getting results better than any other providers.

    Why Hire Bankruptcy Paralegal Services At GSB LPO Services

    We provide virtual paralegal services which help in saving time and money. Our virtual paralegals are available when our clients need them.

    • We prepare petition by obtaining all of the necessary documents and pertinent information and the petition is prepared within 24-28 hours.
    • We provide professional staff experienced as bankruptcy paralegals for firms and chapter 13 trustee’s office.
    • Our bankruptcy paralegals execute the job with a positive attitude and a desire to help you grow your practice.
    • We assure that the client qualifies under bankruptcy law by researching.
    • Our paralegals have a healthy legal mind, the ability to work with confidential budgets, excellent organizational skills and the ability to meet deadlines.
    • We help keeping bankruptcy cases on track, track deadlines for every foams and ensures that the client’s documents are submitted before time.
    Virtual Paralegal Services

    We hope that the above-mentioned brief introduction about our firm has gained your eye, should you have any questions our offices are always open for you. Please feel free to contact us.

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