How Outsourcing Personal injury Services from UK to India Can Benefit Your Law Practice

Personal injury is a tort law under which a person can file a civil law action in the court of law to get a legal remedy for all losses that they have suffered against the negligent person due to whose negligent act, the harm was caused. Such harm includes any emotional or physical distress or injury caused to them.

Claims of personal injury cases differ from one and another in every case as they are unique in nature. Since no two accidents are exactly same, thus whether a case constitutes a personal injury or not has to be decided in the court of the law but, there are certain requirements or essentials that are to be fulfilled to proceed as a personal injury case. They are:

Actual bodily harm: Actual bodily harm relates to the physical injury that has occurred to a person due to an act of negligence by another person. Henceforth which, the negligent person is held liable to pay compensation to the injured person.

Pain and suffering: Pain and suffering relates to the mental and physical trauma that the complainant has gone through during the accident or the negligent act of the other person. Pain and suffering cannot be documented and thus, the density differs from person to person in accordance to their emotional distress felt on a daily basis.

Why should you outsource your personal injury claims to India?

Personal injury claims involve various lawsuits leading up to trial, but most of the parties settle their claims without going to the court. The process involves filing of paperwork in the appropriate jurisdiction. This leads to compensatory negotiations between the injured party and the insurance carrier. The financial assistance agreeable by both the parties is then reached and the case for personal injury is withdrawn. In case negotiations fail, the injured party can take the matter to the court awaiting trial.

At this point, the time available to investigate, prepare and present documents, evidences, witnesses, etc. are minimal and thus contractually shifting legal process work to a third-party law firm has presented itself as a blessing in disguise to many major and small law firm businesses.

Indian law firms provide outsourcing support services to various international law firms over a plethora of legal dynamics including personal injury services. International corporations such as of UK delegate their personal injury work to Indian law firms, who then assists them in research work, provide legal advice and preparing various briefs.

Why Choose GSB LPO Services to cater to your Personal Injury Outsourcing needs?

GSB LPO has been working in the LPO sector since 2007. We as a law office understand the needs and requirements of the international clients and are capable enough to cater to them. GSB LPO believes in quality work and has never failed to achieve the high standards promoted by them. Below mentioned are some of the reasons why most firms prefer GSB LPO services. –

  1. Cost Effectiveness: GSB LPO offers various budget plans readily available and special plans can also be created as per the needs and requirements of the law firm for personal injury services. Also, since the cost gap between Indian Rupee and UK Pound is unimaginably high, it makes the pricing even cheaper for the international companies to outsource their work to India.
  2. Focus on Core Areas: Outsourcing legal work to India, provides ample time and resources to the UK corporations to shift their focus upon the client and other areas of core competency such as client support, court appearances, etc.
  3. Skilled Team: The associates at GSB LPO are well stocked with comprehensive knowledge and legal conditions for personal injury services. Apart from outsourcing work, we provide advice and strategies on the matters of litigation as well. With the outsourcing of legal process outsourcing services, you can enjoy flexible hiring options, where you can choose if your firm requires full-time lawyers, part-time legal experts or paralegals only for a specific legal project.
  4. Client Protection: We understand that as a business the most important asset of your institution is document safety and confidentiality. We perceive that it is our responsibility to protect the client from any legal breach and not neglect any aspect of our duty towards you. We can assure you that we do not accept any breach in our environment and in case of a bigger project, we increase this security manifolds.

What is the personal injury support process followed by GSB LPO services?

  • Gathering All Details: The first step of the support process is to gather all information possible about the client as per the needs and requirements. Our associates get in contact with the client and get details about the case such as case examination information, follow up checkups, any diagnostic tests performed, medical procedures followed, any surgery, all prescriptions issued, any pre-existing conditions, all medical related expenses incurred, documents regarding insurances, injuries suffered, the damages etc. Once, all the information has been collected, we move to the next step.
  • Assessment: In this step, all the relevant information is extracted from the case information and the areas to be worked upon are identified. It is examined how the accident has affected the client. This step involves assessing the relevant evidences which led to the injury such as photographs, recordings and medical records.
  • Consultation: The third step involves consultation with the client firm, where all the dynamics are laid down, relevant strategies are created and as per the work flow requirements, a timeline for completion of the work is set, lawyers and personal injury are assigned to the case.
  • Assigning Relevant Team: Once the team is assigned the case, they take full charge of the particular project and support the client with all possible legal recourse. They connect with the client recurrently to discuss about various aspects, the timeline, the strategy and our approach towards the project. Various tools such as indexing and hyperlinking are also used to organize the data efficiently for easy understanding of the client. Our research analysis and personal injury work in full force behind the lawyers in all necessary research work related to the case.
  • Submission: All the required documents and support service by GSB LPO is then reviewed by our expert team for final touches & sent to the client for approval or any necessary changes. This process is repeated until client’s full satisfaction is achieved.
  • Client Preparation: Our team members help the client in every way possible. We prepare a work in such a way that it is easily understandable by the client, in case some things are unclear about the work or its presentation, we are always an email away to answer any questions. We take client satisfaction as our priority and our work only gets finished when the client gives us the green light of their satisfaction.

What services are provided by GSB LPO under Personal Litigation Claims?

Personal injury services by GSB LPO Services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Demand Letter and other correspondence.
  2. Petition along with discovery
  3. Summarization of the medical documents, brief depositions, cases cited in the opposing party’s brief, etc.
  4. Legal research and memos
  5. Obtain criminal history of parties
  6. Other driving records of parties
  7. Drafting memoranda and setting out information necessary to complete case entries.
  8. Assisting defence attorneys with production of medical records.
  9. Generate and Fax out deposition letters
  10. Preparing letter of representation & protection, etc

Relevant Information that we require from you:

  1. Patient’s Examination History
  2. Background of the case
  3. All relevant medical records
  4. Relevant Opposing Party’s Documents
  5. Medical related expenses
  6. All diagnostic tests

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