Why Legal Process Outsourcing?

With the rising outsourcing market, there’s very little doubt left that legal process outsourcing (LPO) is the lucrative area which is bound to offer sumptuous growth opportunities for the new lawyers and allied legal professionals. LPO process is beneficial for legal outsourcing company as well as outsource law firms strategically located in United States, UK and Europe. The law companies outsource their legal administrative work services document review, legal research, patent services, and drafting of pleadings and legal briefings.

LPO offers low cost, but professional opportunity to the companies to manage legal and paralegal work. As per the available trends for the year 2010 and later, clearly show high quality LPO work to the third world nations, especially India and Philippines.

If we go by the approximate statistics, attorneys and law firms working in US and elsewhere in European nations charge $150 -$350 on an hourly basis. By outsourcing legal and paralegal work to the countries like India, high quality legal processing work can be conducted at extremely reduced costs.

The prominent services offered by LPO include, Contract Management, Legal research, Case Management, Patent Services, Document Review etc. LPO is making its power felt in the developing nations by all means, and it is one sector that has the potential of vertical growth.