A medical record or a health record is a detailed documentation of a patient’s/ client’s entire medical history, prescription, payments, medical services, healthcare provider jurisdiction.


Medical Record Service provides patients/client’s identification information, the patient’s/client’s health history and medical examination findings. It also provides summary of the patient’s/clients current and previous medications and any medical allergies.


  1. Electronic Medical Record (EMR) – It contains the records that are created and stored in a single healthcare organization such as a hospital, a clinic, or a medical center.
  1. Electronic Health Record (EHR) – It contains records in an electronic application which a patient/client can access, manage, and share their medical data in a private and confidential environment.
  1. Personal Health Record (PHR) – It contains records comprising of medical information that can be managed and accessed across multiple healthcare organizations.


  1. It helps in data management where the medical records are indexed and all the data is stored in a digital platform as it occupies less space.
  2. It helps in easy access as it ensures that access to the document is faster.
  3. It promotes text-based search for the clients to retrieve the data as it may require manual searching for quick and time bound tasks.
  4. It helps streamline business by enhancing the flow of information from one channel to the other.
  5. It ensures preservation of data by protecting valuable data and easy retrieval.
  6. It helps medical professionals to prescribe the right medicines and treatment to the patient/ clients.
  7. It helps in accurate diagnosis of the patient/client.
  8. It is hassle-free as clients need not carry any past medical records.
  9. It improves employee coordination and hospital’s productivity to make better decisions.
  10. It enhances collaboration between departments to help the business grow by appropriate digital documentation and easy transfer of data.


  1. Radiographs
  2. X-rays.
  3. CT scans.
  4. MRIs.
  5. Ultrasounds.
  6. Pathology reports.
  7. Prescription.
  8. Health care provides.
  9. Payment receipts.
  10. Health insurance.
  11. Diagnosis report.
  12. Medical History.
  13. Medical expenses.
  14. Medical portfolio.
  15. Pleadings and so on.


STEP 1 – Document is transferred and scanned by the experts using secured VPN connection.

STEP 2 – Detection of any errors, duplication by adhering to the industry best practices.

STEP 3 – Patient/client records and related documents are reviewed and categorized by the experts and they examine each document and indexing it into relevant digital records and store them in a client-defined central location.

STEP 4 – Medical records are reviewed by the experts of experienced quality control staff for accuracy and consistency to ensure best quality of service and support, making records management and retrieval quick, painless, and highly efficient for clients. The experts use six sigma methods, errors to track the correction/action.

STEP 5 – Delivering medical records with accurate, easy, and perfect real-time visibility into every aspect of the outsourcing process ensures assured productivity.


  1. Receiving the medical records – We interview or clients and make them aware and comfortable about the whole process as this is the best way to prepare and organize a medical record bates stamping
  2. Bates numbering – Many other providers do not take this point seriously as they do not stamp the records but our professionals takes the utmost care in labeling and stamping the records (numbering the pages and images in the medical records) so that the data can be easily identified and be quickly available at the time of the trial.
  3. Accumulating all the facts – Our professionals review and note the missing documents, errors and medical record tampering points are tagged in chronological order. All the facts of any nature whether irrelevant, disputed or questionable is added as the truth is to be determined until the case has a verdict.
  4. Database software – We use the database software to sort the data immediately such as automatic date, time, and spell-check and so on.
  5. Relevance of the data – Our professionals ensures that the data is legitimate and is checked through the authentic software. They also fact- check the document again before finally validating the medical document.
  6. Medical record sorting or indexing – Our experts sort all the medical records out of all the huge piled up medical records which will be helpful in personal injury cases.
  7. Erase duplicate records – Our experts keep a check on the duplication of records which makes the document lengthy therefore, they eliminate such duplications.
  8. Timeline of the treatment – Our professionals after reviewing all the records prepares a timeline of treatment which contains the significant events in the medical records in chronological order and it is also represented in the foam of charts, event name, event date, service provider etc.
  9. Bookmarking- Our professionals makes the document easy to be accessible by making a table for easy navigation containing the list of providers the patient has visited and various medical records.
  10. Adding hyperlinks – Our professional’s makes it simple and easy to operate the necessary page of the original document with the reference of the hyperlinks as then it is easy to locate the pages needed form the original document and not jumbling from records to records.
  11. Converting difficult medical terms – Our experts in the process of putting the records in a chronological format makes the terminologies simple and understandable.
  12. Medical bill analysis – Our professionals prepare the separate sheets containing the amount spent, total cost of the treatment, any amount not related to the litigation.
  13. Medical synopsis – Our professionals prepares an overview of the precise medical history of the patient pointing out the merits and demerits which will help in winning during the trial.


  1. Cost Effective.
  2. Complete Data Security.
  3. Professional Experts.
  4. Quick Analysis.
  5. Time saving.
  6. Digital paperwork provided.
  7. No compromise in quality.


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  1. What are the steps involved in the medical record outsourcing and analysis process?
  • Medical record retrieval from various medical record custodians.
  • Sorting of the records and medical record organization.
  • Review of the medical data in the records.
  • Preparation of chronology or patient timeline.
  • Medical record summary preparation.
  • Identifying missing medical records.
  1. What is medical record organization? Why is it an essential service?
  • Medical records are voluminous and disorganized. Hence, it is not easy for an attorney or legal experts to review these records. Our experts at GSB LPO Services create digital files for our clients to understand the sequence of medical events and encounters. Files such as all dates, procedures, treatments, results, and other applicable medical data, critical events, duplicate records are deleted, a list of missing medical records is prepared, bates numbering, summary of medical records, hyperlinks.
  1. What type of customers do GSB LPO Services serve?
  • Hospitals and clinics.
  • Law firms.
  • Physicians and healthcare consultants.
  • Medical practitioners
  1. Is GSB LPO Services information database updated?
  • Yes, we follow HIPAA security rules and guidelines, medical review policy guidelines, HCFA compulsory fields, matching CPT and diagnosis codes.

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