Medico Legal Outsourcing Services

Legal process outsourcing services has shown tremendous growth in the past few years in India. It’s a cost effective solution and sue to huge success work methodology, several law firms, attorneys and corporate have taken the wiser path and have outsourced their work in India. GSB LPO Services is one such firm which has been a prominent contributor to this success by providing quality, competitiveness and ensuring security of the project. Among the several services such as medico legal outsourcing which comes under Legal Outsourcing, Medico Legal outsourcing work is quite prominent and a forte for the GSB LPO Services team.

Medico Legal is a phrase that denotes the essentials of two major professions, law and medical. Though both the professions are quite different but there remain some quintessential requirements for handling legalities that remains involved in medical practices. To handle such situations and increasing legal business the medico legal experts work as a proficient link between the two professions.

What We Do in Medico Legal & Medical Summary Outsourcing Services?

The medico legal service essential involves doctors and medical practitioners using their knowledge and expertise in laws for the medical actions taken in hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers and nursing homes. Since such legal cases in the United States have leaped up a lot in recent times for which we at GSB LPO Services takes an active part in offloading some of the responsibilities. The usual medical cases which requires medical summary outsourcing services include.

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Failure or delay to diagnose
  • Surgical errors
  • Medication errors
  • Adverse reactions to drugs & drug interaction
  • Errors in medical procedures

Our Medico legal Outsourcing Service includes.

GSB LPO’s Medico legal outsourcing service includes both legal and paralegal professionals who posses comprehensive knowledge and expertise in medical laws and thus helps in work that includes:

  • Case screening
  • Medical records review
  • Medical records screening
  • Medicine expert’s consultancy and Opinion
  • Medical research
  • Summary preparation
  • Legal research
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses of the case
  • Developing of case strategy
  • Comprehensive drafting

In a nutshell, GSB LPO’s Medico legal outsourcing services are an efficient team to handle the medical cases to ensure if any malpractices have occurred.