One of the most important components of medical review process is organizing the medical records as this step takes time and effort. We at GSB LPO Services have experts in preparing, organizing and bates stamping our client’s medical records in the best way possible. We at GSB LPO Services are dedicated in providing quality medical review services which is highly productive and cost cutting up to 30-40%, we also take utmost care in maintaining the security regulations and had kept our client’s private information authenticated over many years. We have the best feedbacks and most important the assurance of our client’s as we provide the best of best services.

One of the best services that we offer is organizing and bates stamping the medical record document and bills. Our experts at GSB LPO Services makes sure that our client’s document is well prepared and has been arranged chronologically to ensure that there is no error and hassle-free experience for our clients.

Our experts at GSB LPO Services attach a unique identification to every page in the collection of documents, they index the document contents which will be helpful for our client to find or source back to the required page. We assure that no negligence is done by overlooking the process of bates stamping of the medical records and bills. We also provide the facility of routinely update the production log so that our client is aware of the procedural conduct at the trial.


Once we at GSB LPO Services have received the medical records, our experts organize the medical records in a chronological manner into digital files that are easy to read and quickly navigable. The objective is to help our clients clearly understand the sequence of medical encounters and events. Here’s what our experts do:

  1. Organize and bates stamp our client’s medical record dates, procedures, treatments, results, relevant data and so on.
  2. Highlight the critical events.
  3. Eliminate any duplicate records, data and create a fresh log.
  4. Make a list of missing records.
  5. Bates numbering for a permanent record.
  6. Summaries for critical medical information.
  7. Hyperlinks to navigate to a specific source page.
  8. Bookmarking the documents by user-defined categories.

Our experts than deliver the prepared documents in WORD or PDF format. Bates numbers are the solution to the unorganized data files of multiple PDF file and unable to arrange it which our experts at GSB LPO Services provide with ease. In this situation bates numbers are very helpful in PDF files. This allows to easily add bates numbering PDF and user can easily manage the un-managed data. Commercial, medical, and legal institutions are benefitted by the use of this process as a large number of documents are sorted, otherwise, without batch no all these documents will be misplaced and unable to trace it.

We at GSB LPO Services offer 30-40% cost savings without compromising the quality and accuracy of the document as our top priority is to provide the best outsourced services to our clients, we also provide customized services tailored to our clients needs. We prepare our clients medical records according to categories such as document type, provider, facilities and location. We have the best track record in completing the preparation within less time and provide our clients with dynamic medical record and indexing solution that offers clear views for speedy review and analysis.

By our outsourcing assistance our clients save time and money and are benefitted by receiving the most effective medical records with no complexity.

We hope that the above-mentioned brief introduction about our firm has gained your eye, should you have any questions our offices are always open for you. Please feel free to contact us.

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