It is a system of procedures and protocols responsible for governing patient information throughout the entirety of the data lifecycle. The records are stored, secured, and maintained appropriately. Most commonly medical errors are the cause of deaths in many countries medical report management improves  the safety by retrieving patient data remotely and correctly  to avoid poor management, medication errors, missed diagnoses, treatment lapses and other potentially life threatening events which leads to lawsuits.

Patient privacy is also at risk.  Medical records contain highly sensitive personal information, and when oversights occur, privacy is compromised. With healthcare data breaches increasing, patients are losing confidence. According to a recent consumer survey, 87% of patients are unwilling to share their full medical histories, citing concerns about privacy protections.


It helps the health provider have a comprehensive and remote view of a patient’s medical history to provide appropriate treatment. If the records are maintained poorly it can be life-threatening and creates vulnerabilities for both the patient and the health provider.

We at GSB LPO SERVICES retrieve and prepare a remote medical records management by:

  1. Training all employees in security procedures regarding medical records.
  2. Limiting access to medical records facilities.
  3. Anticipating security threats.
  4. Our experts ensure to avoid lawsuits and secure ongoing patient safety.


  1. Records of location and tracking are improved.
  2. Preservation of historical/vital information in case of disaster.
  3. In case of any legal case, a prepared transparent paper trail.
  4. Quick patient care by easy transferring information between offices.
  5. Improved medical record.
  6. Boosts employee efficiency and lowers litigation/malpractice risks.


  1. Delays in treatment – If the medical records are not well-organized it will lead to unnecessary delays in treatment and can create complications or even death.
  2. Unprofessionalism – If the medical records are not well-organized the healthcare providers are unable to find patient information which frames the institution as incompetent and decreases patient trust.
  3. Loss of efficiency – If the medical records are not well-organized it leads to waste of time of the experts on duplicated efforts, billing errors, or even an inability to complete required tasks.
  4. Risk of legal ramifications – If the medical records are not well-organized it can led to claims of malpractice or ineptitude.


Summaries based on templates, formats that can be personalized according to the client’s needs consisting what happened, when, what was done, when it was done, why, location, provider name, etc.


Step 1 – Medical records are processed to understand the case and organize in a correct order and manner.

Step 2 – Pages are indexed, organized before passing on the medical writing team. The team analyzes the document and selects the correct template.

Step 3 – Summary is drafted and passed to quality check team. If there is any error or changes to be made it is flagged and sent back to the summary writers for correction.

Step 4 – When the Quality checks round is passed the final summarized documents are generated in PDF format.

Step 5 – The final completed file is uploaded on secured FTP and the client is informed of the submission.


A solution to this problem we at GSB LPO Services drafts the patient’s medical data  which will help the physicians get the required information for publication articles or produce research related documents. We at GSB LPO Services make the tasks easier by reducing the volumes of the records and comprise in a precise notes that can be effortlessly scanned. GSB LPO Services has a great experience in developing a well designed summary of medical records and helping physicians, pharmaceuticals companies, medical publication houses and many others. We ensure strategic reporting of the procedure to transform patient data into basic textual summaries for use when needed at any point of time and care.


  1. Medical Transcription Services.
  2. Medical Billing Services.
  3. Revenue Cycle Management Services.
  4. Medical Coding Services.
  5. Pharmacy Business Services.
  6. Healthcare Claims Adjudication Services.
  7. EMR Services.
  8. Tele-health Services.
  9. Retrieving patient data.
  10. Patient data management.


  1. Receiving the medical records – We interview or clients and make them aware and comfortable about the whole process as this is the best way to prepare and organize a medical record bates stamping
  2. Bates numbering – Many other providers do not take this point seriously as they do not stamp the records but our professionals takes the utmost care in labeling and stamping the records (numbering the pages and images in the medical records) so that the data can be easily identified and be quickly available at the time of the trial.
  3. Accumulating all the facts – Our professionals review and note the missing documents, errors and medical record tampering points are tagged in chronological order. All the facts of any nature whether irrelevant, disputed or questionable is added as the truth is to be determined until the case has a verdict.
  4. Database software – We use the database software to sort the data immediately such as automatic date, time, and spell-check and so on.
  5. Relevance of the data – Our professionals ensures that the data is legitimate and is checked through the authentic software. They also fact- check the document again before finally validating the medical document.
  6. Medical record sorting or indexing – Our experts sort all the medical records out of all the huge piled up medical records which will be helpful in personal injury cases.
  7. Erase duplicate records – Our experts keep a check on the duplication of records which makes the document lengthy therefore, they eliminate such duplications.
  8. Timeline of the treatment – Our professionals after reviewing all the records prepares a timeline of treatment which contains the significant events in the medical records in chronological order and it is also represented in the foam of charts, event name, event date, service provider etc.
  9. Bookmarking- Our professionals makes the document easy to be accessible by making a table for easy navigation containing the list of providers the patient has visited and various medical records.
  10. Adding hyperlinks – Our professional’s makes it simple and easy to operate the necessary page of the original document with the reference of the hyperlinks as then it is easy to locate the pages needed form the original document and not jumbling from records to records.
  11. Converting difficult medical terms – Our experts in the process of putting the records in a chronological format makes the terminologies simple and understandable.
  12. Medical bill analysis – Our professionals prepare the separate sheets containing the amount spent, total cost of the treatment, any amount not related to the litigation.
  13. Medical synopsis – Our professionals prepares an overview of the precise medical history of the patient pointing out the merits and demerits which will help in winning during the trial.
  14. Retrieve lost medical data – Our professionals ensure to complete the medical report with every patient data available, we make sure that no data is missing as it can lead to life blunders.


  1. COST- EFFECTIVE – In countries other than India labor cost are higher as the currency value of India is lower than any developed European countries and USA. Hence, hiring medical report management experts can be proven to be super-effective that will improve the ROI of the company. Hiring a medical report management expert offers a wide range of outsourcing services to companies across the world and is consistent in maintaining the quality of the offered services.
  1. SHARED RISK FACTOR – Medical report management experts provides beneficial results and will not be involved in any repetitive tasks. Hiring them is most effective as they are skilled workforce who are trained enough to handle challenges at work, hence the risk factors are being shared.
  1. BEST QUALITY STANDARDS – Quality standards are something that Indian medical report management experts swear by that automatically increases the efficiency of the services offered by them. The experts outsourcing techniques are focused on several quality standards along with a talent pool that gets combined to provide the desired output to their clients. They deliver excellent quality of services and are one of the criteria that medical report management experts follow while maintaining cost-efficiency at its best.
  1. POSITIVE TRACK RECORD- Over the past years, our medical report management services are constantly maintaining a strong track record and goodwill in the global market with their excellent outsourcing services in several domains. The image of the Indian medical report management service providers in foreign markets is convincing enough to get more clients from global markets. The track record has made the country an ideal destination for medical report management experts to flourish.
  1. RELIABLE SUPPORT TO CUSTOMERS– Medical report management experts from India provide services 24*7 to their customers. Hence, the amount of customer support of their clients is extremely reliable and has increased with great numbers they provide the support irrespective of the time zone difference as our experts work on shifts so that every query is answered by them in time. Medical report management experts are known for offering quality services as they are well-trained in handling customer issues round the clock. The support agents are fluent in English, which is the major advantage of providing customer support to many countries.
  1. SKILLED PARALEGAL EXPERTS WORKFORCE – The workforce is skilled employees with fluent in English and has domain expertise in handling critical issues and provides desired results with the help and experience in relative technology and industry.
  1. SERVICES AVAILABLE 24/7– Medical report management experts are renowned for their 24*7 support while charging less cost compared to those companies which operate in Europe and America. The Experts are specialized in languages such as German, French, English, Italian, and so on.
  1. SECURE GOVERNMENT POLICIES – Government trade policies plays an important role to the companies who do business with foreign companies. As, Indian policies are flexible and supportive enough that foreign companies are outsourcing their business processes to Indian companies. The Government policies are supportive and encouraging the growth of the outsourcing industry.
  1. ON TIME RESULTS – Medical report management experts are known for meeting the committed deadline. The experts are equipped with advanced infrastructure, updated technology, are the prime reason for faster project delivery.
  1. UPDATED TECHNOLOGY – The main factor of hiring medical report management experts is how they are advanced in the latest technologies and rapid pace of digitalization. They are successful in providing high-quality management and data processing medical report services to their clients as they are using updated infrastructure and technology that gives the best result. Apart from that, our agencies are ISO certified where the quality of management and data processing medical report services never gets compromised.


Our legal experts provide services which help in saving time and money. Our experts are available when our clients need them.

  • We have a team of experienced and skilled lawyers always there to help you 24*7 for preparing your case related documents and several services and want to help as many people as possible. We use technology to make it easy for you to work with us.
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  • Our legal experts have a healthy legal mind, the ability to work with confidential budgets, excellent organizational skills and the ability to meet deadlines.
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  • Every assignment that we undertake is managed by a senior member acting as the team leader, who takes responsibility for its successful conclusion.


  1. What type of customers do GSB LPO Services serve?
    • Hospitals and clinics.
    • Law firms.
    • Physicians and healthcare consultants.
    • Medical practitioners
  1. Is GSB LPO Services information database updated?
    • Yes, we follow HIPAA security rules and guidelines, medical review policy guidelines, HCFA compulsory fields, matching CPT and diagnosis codes.

We are the most trustworthy, GSB LPO Services focuses on advising and representing our clients by providing templates for our client’s case to prepare strong qualitative document as per our client’s needs. Our client’s package for settlement will be effective with our expertise. Most clients are looking for answers, not false promises. We entirely focus on results.

Here, we GSB LPO Services look out for our client by providing the best prepared document within less time which is prepared in the best way for our client’s claims.

From business support, documentations, strategy & business advice and also employee issues, they always bring smart and efficient solutions and have great contacts for legal support when it’s not their specialty. Our way of working is not complex at all. We believe that clients should get what they expect from us. One of the things that clients expect is a hassle-free session. Thus, we work in the simplest way possible. We have a team of experienced and skilled lawyers always there to help you 24*7.

Please send your file at our Dropbox: [email protected] and shoot an email at [email protected] and your assignment will be done.