A legal case needs to be supported by the Subpoena documents as it is an important part of legal proceedings. This requires well trained and knowledgeable attorneys. We at GSB LPO Services have extensive experience in subpoena preparation for legal experts. Our experts prepare and deliver the subpoena and relevant documents without taking any extra time of our clients

Our experts are acquainted with the local, state, and national laws, to make sure that our client’s documents are prepared and cross checked strictly according to legal requirements. Our experts are subpoena server professionals with a wide knowledge of modern practices and techniques related to the investigation, detention, arrest, defense, and treatment of defendants. We immune our clients no to worry about serving trial, deposition, and record subpoenas stand mitigated.


Our experts are experienced in subpoena preparation services for corporate, business, employee, financial, and medical firms. Such services includes:-

  1. Personal Appearance Subpoena – As per the state laws subpoena are filled considering all the main issues as per the state court. It is prepared to give clear instructions for personal appearance and the production of documents at a hearing or trial.
  2. Production of Records Subpoena – records an information of the non-party witnesses are acquired in determining whether the documents are of employee or consumer records, set a date and location for the production of records, complete the required forms, serve deposition subpoena and notice to consumer or employee, etc.
  3. Notice to Consumer – Written notice is send to the consumer, , it is send both by mail and post, to appear in court instead of a subpoena. Our experts ensure all details are incorporated into the notice.
  4. Notice to Counsel – Written notice is send to the consumer’s attorney; it is send both by mail and post. Our experts have served notice to handle a variety of cases which includes cases such as child or spousal financial support, lawyer’s fees and costs, business reputation damage, personal reputation damage, etc.
  5. Other Subpoena Preparation Services – services such as records of custodian, archive on-site records production including records received through the mail, archiving communication with parties, receive original records and photocopies and convert to electronic copies, distribute copies to authorized counsel, produce copies during hearing dates, etc.


We ensure that a detailed subpoena process is undertaken to ensure forms are filled and notices are served in the correct manner. Our process involves the following steps:-

  1. Analyzing the suit – Our experts consisting attorneys discusses the suit with the clients to determine the best course of action. We assist our clients to carry out thorough research on state’s subpoena laws and prepare documents as per the requirements.
  2. To whom the subpoena has to be served – The subpoena is served to get accessed to documents. However, if the client knows the person who possesses the documents, than the subpoena is not sent. If the subpoena is to be send to procedure documents from a company than the client has to know the particular person within the company to whom the subpoena needs to be served. We assist our clients in finding the designation and mail id of the concerned person by reaching out to the company.
  3. Assistance in downloading the subpoena form of our client state – we let our client fill up request foam to initiate the subpoena process through the court. We help our client download the form; update our client with specific requirements of the state, and then fill the form and draft the request letter.
  4. Filling up the Subpoena Form – Our experts are experience in filling subpoena forms and have knowledge of state-specific laws ensuring that the form is filled correctly. Our experts help our clients answer all specific queries about filling the form or drafting a request letter. In states where forms need to be procured physically, our experts send the scanned version of the form to our client.
  5. Drafting Subpoenas – Our experts prepare drafts that describe the requirement in a detailed manner.
  6. Prepare Additional Documents – If a non-attorney clients requests for a subpoena we help our client in submitting additional documents with a subpoena form and letter. The documents is collected and prepared to convince the court that there is a need to issue a subpoena. Our experts educate our clients on the needs and assist the clients to create the documents and submit before the court.
  7. E-submit the Forms to the Court – Our experts submits the forms on behalf of the clients and archive the acknowledged copy of our clients and serve the party responsible for issuing the documents.
  8. Attorney Assistance for Privileged Documents – Our experts provide all the necessary advice to initiate a subpoena and get access to the documents such as psychotherapist-patient documents, spousal documents and attorney-client.


  1. Cost cutting – We provide the ease of knowledgeable and experienced servers at an effective costs. We bank on the best subpoena preparation practices, economies of scale, and presence across different global locations to offer cost benefits to our clients. The objective of our cost-saving service is to ensure our clients make profits through savings.
  2. Expert Subpoena Servers – We assist our clients with professional subpoena servers with end-to-end knowledge of serving/ delivering civil documents about subpoenas, summons, notices, and other civil documents and also subpoena services like receive and process criminal and civil papers and deal with plaintiffs, courts, clerks, attorneys, etc.
  3. Knowledge of Law – Our experts have extensive exposure to the legal system deliver legal documents, locating individuals to be served, maintaining delivery records, collaborating with legal professionals, and adhering to rules. Our experts are skilled in paying attention to detail, communication skills, record keeping skills, and research skills.
  4. Deliver the best subpoena – Our experts receive, review, prioritize, and organize various subpoena-related documents; procure addresses of named parties with the help of extensive research and other investigative techniques and execute servers on the names of parties. We keep all the records in the document information about service attempts, identifying the new location of missing or untraceable parties, maintaining all monthly reports, assistance logs, and other reports.
  5. 24/7 Support – We have a team of experienced and skilled lawyers always there to help you 24*7 for preparing your case related documents and several services and want to help as many people as possible. We use technology to make it easy for you to work with us.
  6. Availability of all Major Formats – Our system supports over 15 document formats for Subpoena, making it easy to submit content for preparing and editing.
  7. Customized Services-We provide customizable Subpoena services which are best-in-class as well as editing services tailored to our client’s business size.
  8. Virtual Subpoena Services- We offer internal and external Subpoena servers that give you virtual subpoena service facility.
  9. Confidentiality – We guarantee complete confidentiality to our clients by abiding all the stringent requirements for the privacy, security, rules and safeguard information with the most advanced firewalls and cyber security software for our client’s information.


We are the most trustworthy, GSB LPO Services focuses on advising and representing our clients by providing templates for our client’s case to prepare strong qualitative document as per our client’s needs. Our client’s package for settlement will be effective with our expertise. Most clients are looking for answers, not false promises. We entirely focus on results.

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