Why Canadian law firms should outsource legal research to India

Legal research is said to be a time consuming task. It is a labour intensive abode that involves deduction, exhaustive approach, focus and detailed examination. Legal paradigm has experienced a lot of change in the past few years. The legal process outsourcing is considered to be a preferable approach. Law firms tend to outsource the work and services such as

  • Legal research
  • Litigation support
  • Paralegal
  • Legal writing
  • Medico legal summary
  • Contract reviewing and contract formation
  • Personal injury outsourcing
  • Medical and deposition summarization
  • Comprehensive drafting
  • Regulatory research

Legal research works are dynamic and involve a lot of things that are to be done. The entire legal research process is result oriented and detailed. It is composed of many tasks such as

  • Preparation of memorandums
  • Regulatory research methodology and related procedures
  • Litigation related procedures
  • Statutory research
  • Multi dimensional research
  • Appellate briefs
  • Managing legal compliance

Reasons why law firms should outsource in India

Outsourcing is an efficient and effective way of getting a task completed. Legal consortium has its own complexities and one needs to keep a detailed analysis on the peculiar aspects. There are several reasons why outsourcing could be considered to be a helpful resort such as:

  • It enhances the effective working methodology and there is more focus on core business activities.
  • Outsourcing is a very cost effective and cost efficient way of getting work done.
  • High quality and preferential works in cost effective ways.
  • Opportunities for exceptional talent
  • Access to talented, skilled, qualified and professional teams
  • Result oriented approach with detailed research and analysis
  • Catering to the preferences and customised requisites
  • Detailed research and concrete factual information
  • Access to enthusiastic and supportive group of people
  • Liberalism of thought processes and innovative ideas
  • Technology as a conduit to effective research
  • Strategic outsourcing and vertical work integration

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