Why You Should Outsource LPO Services to India?

Big law firms and even independent attorneys have begun to realize the importance of outsourcing their legal processes to India. India offers an open market economy and has made it easy for the organizations to outsource their work to them. Outsourcing to India does not only boost the bottom line of the legal firm but also saves them a lot of time.

It is More Cost-Effective

Cost-cutting is the primary benefit of offshore outsourcing for all kinds of organizations. Hiring the skilled professionals in India costs much less as compared to in the USA. Most law firms outsource the legal processes as it helps them save good deal of money. The money saved is thus utilized in other important aspects of business.

But, it is not just the hiring that costs money. You need to spend money on their training, ramp up, and also on providing them the infrastructure to work. On the other hand, an LPO provider has everything ready. You just need to share the workload with them.

Easy Scalability

The volume of the work to be outsourced is not necessarily the same all the time. There are times when the volume is lean and at other times it might be very high. The problem with having an in-house team is that you need to pay them regardless there is work or not. On the other hand, the LPO provider will charge you only basis the work volume. So, there is considerable cost-saving here as well. Also, as the law firm grows the workload also increases. Working with the LPO provider gives you the advantage of scaling up pretty easily. The skilled resources are easily available with the LPO services in India. Therefore, scaling up even at a very short notice is often not a big challenge.

Effective Process Management

While many LPO providers in India are capable of handling the complicated legal tasks, the bulk of the work volume supplied to them is noncritical in nature. Usually, such tasks are referred to as ‘grunt work.’ That being said, it does not mean such tasks are not important and can be completed offhandedly. On the contrary, these tasks require a lot of diligence, care and accuracy. In order to do the job well, with high level of accuracy, it is important for the provider to specialize in the process management.  India has remained as an outsourcing hub for businesses of various natures. Legal process outsourcing in India is also being practiced for quite a while. The LPO providers have solid process management solutions for effective delivery.

The Time-Zone Advantage

Outsourcing the job to India is like keeping your office open round the clock without actually being present there physically. This is because the time difference between the countries like the USA and India is approximately 12 hours. This means that the work in India begins when you have literally stepped out of the office. This offers you increased productivity and better turnaround time. You could even have certain tasks completed overnight in India and delivered to your client the next day in the morning in the USA.