5 Things to Check Before Outsourcing Medical Legal Document Drafting Services to India

Issues of medical negligence have been on the rise for quite past few years.  This, in turn has increased the burden on lawyers to understand the intricacies of medicine in order to handle such cases, effeciently. Unfortunately, such an undertaking is arduous and expensive. Medical Legal Outsourcing has provided a huge relief on the work load of the lawyers. Outsourcing clinical drafting services to countries such as India, have been proven to be effective and efficient.

What is the Clinical Legal Document Drafting process followed by GSB LPO services?

The client when gives a legal work, they trust you with all their might and time, it is very imperative for them to be aware of the tools and the action plan taken up by the medical legal services so as to their satisfaction. Our firm believes in 100% transparency, thus whatever work we do and all the progress we have made in a particular project can be reviewed by the client at any given point of time. The Formula used by GSB LPO services is custom made according to the needs and requirements of the client but a sample strategy is given below:

  1. Client Questionnaire: The first step of the support process is to gather all information possible about the client through a questionnaire filled out by the client either through telephonic conversation or by email. Our associates get in contact with the client and get details about the case such as background of the case, any prior litigation, all relevant facts, etc. and the medical components such as doctor’s information including surgery dates, visiting dates and the relevant usage of drugs. Once, all the information has been collected, we move to the next step of designing the case.
  2. Retrieval of Medical Records: After the medical information and provider information has been collected and a HIPAA Authorization Form has been collected by the client, the process of medical records retrieval can originate. This procedure includes the petitioner submitting requests with the HIPAA Form to Healthcare Organizations including Health Information Management, Release of Information, and Medical Records Departments. The manner of retrieval will depend upon the organization or the department’s process and rules.
  3. Designing The Case: As per the work flow requirements, a schedule for completion of the work is set, lawyers and paralegals are assigned to the case.
  4. Assigning Relevant Team: Once the lawyers are assigned the case, they take full charge of the particular case and supports the client with all possible legal recourse. Necessary follow up calls are an important area in which outsourcing helps mitigate backlogs among the legal & administrative staff of a law firm. The procedure involves-
  • Doing follow-up calls to requestees to first obtain the receipt of the request and to stay on top of the workflow and expected time of arrival of the records. In a few cases, this may mean 2-10 calls/month.
  • Secondly, the follow-up call claims any missing information or the requirement to resubmit records. In most of the cases, the health organizations and records departments outsource the records procedure to a copying service provider or online health portal organizations and call definitely be made to these organizations too. This laborious task can easily be outsourced to assist the law firm.
  1. Uploading The Final Work: During our process, we recurrently send drafts to the client, to make sure we both are on the same page at all times & the work being done is in accordance with their needs and satisfaction. The work, when completed is inspected thoroughly by a team of testing experts after which the work is uploaded for the client to review in a timely fashion.
  2. Client Preparation: Our team members help the client in every way possible. We prepare a work in such a way that it is easily understandable by the client, in case some things are unclear about the work or its presentation, we are always an email away to answer any questions. We take client satisfaction as our priority and our work only gets finished when the client gives us the green light of their satisfaction.


What are the 5 Things to Check Before Outsourcing Medical Legal Document Drafting Services to India?

While sending a project for outsourcing, it is of paramount importance to do one’s home work and make sure that the outsourcing service provider can fulfil your needs and demands up to your satisfaction. A lot of factors must be pondered upon and the decision to choose the right outsourcing partner for your law firm must be taken carefully. Some of the important factors that must be weighed in before choosing the right outsourcing partner are:

  • Take your time to explore: First you must set your goals and understand what end result you wish to achieve from outsourcing your legal work. Once, that is done, it is time to explore different law firms or partners who can execute your goals. Finding the right attorney to fulfil your needs up to your satisfaction is the most important step and you must take all the necessary time you need to be satisfied of the work.
  • Pilot Project: The lawyer must ask for work samples of the law to get an idea of the end result or if not available due to privacy & security reasons, then samples or prototypes made for marketing purposes.
  • Obtain informed consent: Every lawyer must follow ethical standards, such as keeping the client always informed. Before retaining or contracting with any outsourcing law firm, the lawyer must obtain informed consent from the client and must reveal all the details of the of the outsourcing work of the project. They must also believe that the outsourced lawyers will contribute to the competent and ethical representation of the client.
  • Supervise regularly: Outsourcing legal project does not mean that you contract the work to someone and then present the same work directly to the client without doing any due diligence on your own part. A lawyer must adequately supervise the outsourcing provider and must be kept up-to-date with all the processes being followed by them and how the project is turning out to be. This is so that the both the outsourcer as well as the outsourced lawyer work with aligned minds to avoid any complications further.
  • Investigate privacy concerns: The most important duty of a lawyer is maintaining confidentiality towards the client. Be it any litigation paperwork or research work or administrative work discussing and making sure that the outsourced law firm keeps its security and privacy concerns as a top-notch priority concern is of primary importance.

Sample template of Medical Legal Document Drafting Services Outsourced to GSB LPO Services

Why Choose GSB LPO Services to cater to your Clinical Legal Document Drafting?

GSB LPO have been working in the LPO sector since 2007. We as a law office understand the needs and requirements of the international clients and are capable enough to cater to them. GSB LPO believes in quality work and has never failed to achieve the high standards promoted by them. Below mentioned are some of the reasons why most firms prefer GSB LPO services.

  1. Cost Effectiveness: GSB LPO offers various budget plans readily available and special plans can also be created as per the needs and requirements of the law firm. Also, since the cost gap between India and other developed countries is unimaginably high, it makes the pricing even cheaper for the international companies.
  2. Transparency: We are a firm believer of that when a work is provided to us, we fulfil it with great enthusiasm, dedication and honesty. Transparency is one of the core values of our office.
  3. Timely Communication: Our offices are easy to approach and can be easily contacted through phone call or mail. Our contact services work 24×7 and can be contacted at any point of time.
  4. Skilled Team: The associates at GSB LPO are well stocked with comprehensive knowledge and legal conditions for medical legal services. Apart from outsourcing work, we provide advice and strategies on the matters of litigation as well.
  5. Client Protection: We understand that as a business the most important asset of your institution is document safety and confidentiality. We perceive that it is our responsibility to protect the client from any legal breach and not neglect any aspect of our duty towards you. We can assure you that we do not accept any breach in our environment and in case of a bigger project, we increase this security manifolds.

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