With GSB LPO Services, our experts provide a wide range of outsourced legal services to help law firms streamline their operations and focus on their core tasks that they are best at.


  1. LEGAL RESEARCH – Our experts at GSB LPO Services are specialised in delegating the task by conducting research on legal issues, cases, statutes, regulations, and other relevant information. Our experts perform the research and utilize various legal databases, online resources, and libraries to collect relevant information and analyze legal precedents and provide it to the law firms.
  1. DOCUMENT REVIEW – Our experts at GSB LPO Services ensures services in reviewing discovery documents, contracts, and other legal documents. Our expert’s aims to decode the complex matters for litigation without wasting any valuable time as our experts deliver the document before the mentioned deadlines.
  1. DOCUMENT CONVERSION – Our experts at GSB LPO Services ensures that the legal document such as contracts, pleadings, briefs, court orders, and discovery materials from one format to different file format to store. As when these documents are converted it improves the accessibility, redaction of sensitive or confidential information, better document organization and management, and many more advantages.
  1. DATA EXTRACTION – Our experts at GSB LPO Services ensures that the data extraction is done safely and involves extracting valuable information from legal documents, such as contracts, agreements, and court filings. Our expert’s uses optical character recognition technology to convert scanned documents and images into editable and searchable text which makes the process easy and for complex data extraction our experts efficiently process and extract relevant information, saving time and resources for law firms.
  1. LEGAL CODING – Our experts at GSB LPO Services are trained and specialised in litigation document coding such as codes, tags, data points are indexed and organized in the legal documents for easy search, retrieval, and analysis of the information in the context of litigation or e-discovery. Our experts streamline the review process and reduce costs associated with legal document management.
  1. LEGAL TRANSCRIPTION – Our experts at GSB LPO Services ensures that the transcribed statements, interviews, depositions, and court proceedings are accurate and reliable documentation of legal proceedings and discussions by creating a reliable record for future reference.


In outsourcing to individuals the authentication is not stated safely and thus it can hamper the law firms need and its privacy in the matter of outsourcing, our experts have listed down the following for your references:

  1. COST – SAVING – Same as LPO providers individuals to give access to outsource work in a budget friendly way but to outsource to individuals can be og high risks.
  2. LESS EFFICIENCY – As compared to outsource from LPO companies individual efficiency is far more less and unauthenticated.
  3. NO ACCESSIBLITY TO LEGAL EXPERTS – As they work in individuals there is no assurance of privacy or any guidance from a experts to formulate a desired outsourced documents.
  1. LESS SCALABILITY – As compared to LPO’s the scalability of outsourcing to individual is less as LPO are more renowned and safe for outsourcing any services.
  1. LESS TIME SAVING – LPO’s work are delivered fast and effectively whereas the individuals struggle to provide the work on time.


We provide Legal Work Outsourcing Services which helps in saving time and money. Our legal experts are available when our clients need them.

  • We prepare petition by obtaining all of the necessary documents and pertinent information and the petition is prepared within 24-28 hours.
  • We provide professional staff experienced as Legal Outsourcing Services providers for small firms and other offices, institutions.
  • Our legal experts execute the job with a positive attitude and a desire to help you grow your practice.
  • We assure that the client’s requirements are fulfilled by researching the law thoroughly.
  • Our legal experts/lawyers have a healthy legal mind, the ability to work with confidential budgets, excellent organizational skills and the ability to meet deadlines.
  • We help keeping all type of cases on track, track deadlines for every foams and ensures that the client’s documents are submitted before time.

We are the most trustworthy, GSB LPO Services focuses on advising and representing our clients by providing templates for our client’s case to prepare strong qualitative document as per our client’s needs. Our client’s package for settlement will be effective with our expertise. Most clients are looking for answers, not false promises. We entirely focus on results.

Here, we at GSB LPO Services look out for our clients by providing the best prepared document within less time which is prepared in the best way for our client’s claims.

From business support, documentations, strategy & business advice and also employee issues, they always bring smart and efficient solutions and have great contacts for legal support when it’s not their specialty. Our way of working is not complex at all. We believe that clients should get what they expect from us. One of the things that clients expect is a hassle-free session. Thus, we work in the simplest way possible. We have a team of experienced and skilled lawyers always there to help you 24*7.

Please send your file at our Dropbox: [email protected] and shoot an email [email protected] and your assignment will be done.