How Outsourcing Paralegal Services from UK to India Can Benefit Your Law Practice?

Taking up lawsuits and juggling between clients can be consuming in itself. To add upon the list is contract formation, document review, proofreading of the prepared briefs, etc. can be an unending task especially when hours are limited and days are fixed. A legal professional is always on their toes, worn out, which ultimately results into inferior quality of work.

For the past couple of years, outsourcing legal services, especially paralegal services have been on the rise. This has introduced a more judicious use of time and energy of the attorneys. For the longest time, India has become the hotspot land for law firms from UK to outsource their paralegal servicing needs to Indian counterparts. Some of the major reasons are listed below:

  1. Time Effectiveness:

When involved with legal work, to be able to deliver work on time is of prime importance. The time gap between India & other countries is the main attraction for inviting LPOs to India. If seen carefully, UK has a time gap of more than 5 hours with India, birthing a 24/7 work cycle. This way, corporations can get their work done easily as when they close office, the offices in India open, reducing the work backlog for the next working cycle of the overseas corporations.

  1. Cost-effectiveness & Secure Services:

The cost gap between India & other developed countries such as UK is unimaginably high, making it cheap for corporations to hire the Indian Skilled Workforce. Further, bucks on infrastructure, insurance & taxes is also saved by huge margins. India has been recognised as a global leader with respect to cutting-edge technology & innovations, backing the work quality with remarkable certification.

  1. Flexible hiring option:

The associates at GSB LPO are well stocked with comprehensive knowledge and legal conditions for providing paralegal services. Apart from outsourcing work, we also provide advice and strategies on the matters of litigation. With the outsourcing of paralegal services, you can enjoy flexible hiring options, where you can choose if your firm requires full-time attorneys, part-time legal experts or paralegals only for a specific legal project.

  1. Organized legal database:

Many law offices outsource piles of cluttered, unorganised data to India. The Indian law offices declutter, organise and create a search friendly presence of such documents. Access to data management saves up a lot of time and energy of attorneys and paralegals of UK law firms.

  1. Client Protection:

Attorney-Client privilege is one of the biggest worry of any law firm while thinking of outsourcing paralegal services to any country. Indian law firms take client confidentiality extremely seriously with its updated IT Sector, making India one of the top choice for LPOs to outsource their work.

Why Choose GSB LPO Services to cater to your Paralegal needs?

GSB LPO have been working in the LPO sector since 2007. We as a law office understand the needs and requirements of the international clients and are capable enough to cater to them. GSB LPO believes in quality work and has never failed to achieve the high standards promoted by them. Below mentioned are some of the reasons why most firms prefer GSB LPO services. –

  1. Cost Effectiveness: GSB LPO offers various budget plans readily available and special plans can also be created as per the needs and requirements of the law firm. Also, since the cost gap between India and other developed countries is unimaginably high, it makes the pricing even cheaper for the international companies.
  2. Experience: Our team at GSB LPO has always strived for quality work over quantity work. Our legal team have in their life produced assignments, projects, dissertations, research work, data management and have quite a handy experience in paralegal services.
  3. Transparency: We are a firm believer of that when a work is provided to us, we fulfil it with great enthusiasm, dedication and honesty. Transparency is one of the core values of our office.
  4. Timely Communication: Our offices are easy to approach and can be easily contacted through phone call or mail. Our contact services work 24×7 and can be contacted at any point of time.
  5. Due diligence: Our team works with great enthusiasm and dedication on each and every case. Before diving full swing into the work, our associates make sure that all kinds of due diligence have been done by our office regarding the work given to us. We make sure that the client understands what kind of outsourcing work we do and what are our capabilities and also create emphasis on the needs and requirements of the client and what kind of work they expect from us.
  6. Skilled Team: The associates at GSB LPO are well stocked with comprehensive knowledge and legal conditions for paralegal services. Apart from outsourcing work, we provide advice and strategies on the matters of litigation as well.
  7. Client Protection: We understand that as a business the most important asset of your institution is document safety and confidentiality. We perceive that it is our responsibility to protect the client from any legal breach and not neglect any aspect of our duty towards you. We can assure you that we do not accept any breach in our environment and in case of a bigger project, we increase this security manifolds.  

What is the Paralegal Services process followed by GSB LPO services?

The client when gives a legal work, they trust you with all their might and time, it is very imperative for them to be aware of the tools and the action plan taken up by the paralegal services so as to their satisfaction. Our firm as mentioned earlier, believes in 100% transparency, thus whatever work we do and all the progress we have made in a particular project can be reviewed by the client at any given point of time. The Formula used by GSB LPO services is custom made according to the needs and requirements of the client but a sample strategy is given below:

  1. Gathering All Details: The first step of the support process is to gather all information possible about the client as per the needs and requirements. Our associates get in contact with the client and get details about the project. Once, all the information has been collected, we move to the next step.
  2. Sample Working Style: In the next step, we shall be providing a brief draft to the client, showcasing a mixture of the clients and hours working style. This is done so that the client is aware of the styles in which we shall be working with to prevent any creative difference in future.
  3. Designing The Case: As per the work flow requirements, a schedule for completion of the work is set, attorneys and paralegals are assigned to the case.
  4. Assigning Relevant Team: Once the attorneys are assigned the case, they take full charge of the particular case and supports the client with all possible legal recourse. They connect with the client recurrently to discuss about various aspects, the timeline, the strategy and our approach towards the project. Various tools such as indexing and hyperlinking are also used to organize the data efficiently for easy understanding of the client.
  5. Uploading The Final Work: During our process, we recurrently send drafts to the client, to make sure we both are on the same page at all times & the work being done is in accordance with their needs and satisfaction. The work, when completed is inspected thoroughly by a team of testing experts after which the work is uploaded for the client to review in a timely fashion.
  6. Client Preparation: Our team members help the client in every way possible. We prepare a work in such a way that it is easily understandable by the client, in case some things are unclear about the work or its presentation, we are always an email away to answer any questions. We take client satisfaction as our priority and our work only gets finished when the client gives us the green light of their satisfaction.

What paralegal services are provided by GSB LPO?

Paralegal services by GSB LPO Services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Preparation of briefs,
  2. Notices for hearings and depositions,
  3. Perform due diligence,
  4. Compliance research services,
  5. Contract drafting,
  6. Manage client communication,
  7. Legal documentation,
  8. Prenuptial agreements,
  9. Property settlement agreements,
  10. Drafting of various complaints, etc.

We are well versed with Trial line events and can assist law firms and attorneys in Trial Line working. We have strong inclination towards maintaining the confidentiality and safeguarding the data of our clients. Our system and databases have been prepared accordingly to ensure that the client’s data and vital information is used in secure environment.

Contact Us For More Information:

It is our pleasure to introduce the office of GSB LPO, which is one of the leading legal outsourcing service providers in India. For us, No legal job is big or small. Every dynamic business requires complex situation solutions and for that reason, our team consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals from the legal domain. Our team demonstrates the best of its abilities to ensure no stones are left unturned in delivering success to our clients. You can reach out to us through a normal phone call, email us or visit our website.