How To Write Demand Letter For Personal Injury?

Accidents and mishaps are unfortunately very common in the world we live in. These accidents usually leave the affected person in a state of physical pain and also expose them to a loss in wages and other aspects. What is the best way of ensuring compensation is received? Courts are crowded and arduous. Hence, the most prudent way would be to settle out of court. The best way to get a fair out of court settlement is by writing an effective demand letter for personal injury.  You can either do it yourself or outsource it. This write up will explore both the options.

how to write demand letter for personal injury


First thing that needs to be kept in mind when writing a letter for personal injury is the facts. The facts must be clearly outlined in the letter. They must be written in such a way that it emphasizes that you were at no fault of your own and the fault is entirely of the other party. To drive this point home, you can add police records of the incident which places the fault on the other party. Make it clear that the other party would lose in court. This will make it harder for the letter to be ignored.

Legal points

When writing a personal injury demand letter, make it clear that you were completely lawful in your behavior. This will make it harder for the other party to choose to go to court. Secondly, make emphasize on the point that the other party was not behaving in a lawful manner. For instance, you could point out that the other party was on the phone when the incident occurred. Point out very clearly that the jury would not side with the other party if it ever went to trail. This will definitely make them want to avoid court and settle with you directly.


The last thing that you need to outline in your personal injury letter is damages. You must first of all be emotional in this aspect. Outline the mental trauma you have faced as a result of the accident. Then go on to outline the costs you have incurred. Give a break up of all the medical charges. Then outline the productivity you have lost due to the inability to go to work, resulting in a loss of wages. Lastly, add the emotional trauma you have suffered. Keep in mind that damages should cover all your costs and be exemplary as well.


In the end of this write up, we can summarize that a good personal injury demand letter has 3 aspects. Firstly, the facts. Secondly, the legal points and thirdly, the damages claimed. The safest option, however, is to entrust the work to experts. India has many such medico-legal professionals who can draft an effective personal injury demand letter and you can rest assured that you will get the damages you have claimed. This will reduce the burden on you. Further, this service is cost effective as well. Hence, it will give you peace of mind and guaranteed results in an efficient manner.

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