Why Most of the US Law Firms Choosing India for Legal Process Outsourcing Work?

The reasons of US Law firms choosing India as a key destination for Legal process outsourcing work because it provides the key benefits of quality, time, cost, technology, security, and Language.

Quality of Legal Process Outsourcing Work:

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) in India provides Quality guarantee, Authentication Integrity, and Supervision. India has proved time and again that they can consistently deliver the same quality; hence it further enhances their services and expands their market in the USA. The Quality certifications are in available in following different types:

  • International Standards Organization (ISO) 9000 Series
  • E -Services Capability Model
  • Capability Maturity Model
  • Six Sigma Methodology

LPO services in India

Time Zone of the Legal Process Outsourcing Work Vendor in India:

Another amazing benefit is the time zone. Reportedly, most LPO units in India work 24/7 and therefore are able to offer round the clock legal support to US law firms.

Cost of the Legal Process Outsourcing Work:

India’s legal services are inexpensive and cost up to 80% less than the US legal firms. Outsourcing legal services to India pricing levels vary depending upon the nature of the legal services. For a high-end service, law firms charge approximately USD 250 and for low-end service, they charge USD 8-10 per hour, while in India they charge USD 40-60 and USD 1-2 respectively for these services. For this reason, an average Indian lawyer’s monthly income is equal to a US attorney’s few hours of income.

Technological Proficiency of Legal Process Outsourcing Work:

India has good information technology support and technological proficiency in LPO sector and it works in India’s favor. Legal service providers in India use advanced communication tools and top class infrastructure for legal Analysis and Reviews. Indian LPOs also use leading e-discovery tools like Lexis Nexis and Westlaw for high-quality Legal Research.

Technological Proficiency of Legal Process Outsourcing Work

Security Offered by Legal Process Outsourcing Work:

Security and privacy of the data are one of the major concerns of the US law firms. The LPO Service providers in India take proper measures to preserve the high security of client’s data. Confidentiality is crucial for legal work and this aspect totally taken care of by Indian Legal firms.

Security Offered by Legal Process Outsourcing Work

Language Used by the Legal Process Outsourcing Work Vendor:

India has the largest and highly skilled people with strong English language proficiency.

The major concern among legal corporations worldwide is the low quality of services. They want a reduction of expenditure but not at the cost of quality. Vendors located offshore are able to provide many other benefits to their clients in terms of security, privacy, round the clock assistance and skilled workforce.

India has a large group of lawyers with US or UK qualifications and they are familiar with their common law principles. The Indian Law Schools also provide a high level of quality education.

Outsourcing legal work to India began in 1995 with just 34 lawyers and now this industry has more than 15000 lawyers. The reason being, India has exceptional Infrastructure, the cost advantage of almost 80% and skilled manpower. Over the years, LPO firms in India have reached an advanced maturity level. The helpful Government policies with powerful fundamentals provide a boost to Indian legal outsourcing Industry. Moreover, India has a healthy business environment and high-quality service delivery capabilities.