Importance of Outsourcing Medical Records Process

Managing Directors and Chief Operating Executives are realizing the importance and the need of legal process outsourcers. The trend has changed a lot in the past few years in the legal industry and therefore, everything is taking a turn accordingly and this trend has increased the value of working with legal process outsource partners to assist with day-to-day operations for efficient & effective work process. Satisfied customers, more productive staff and added competitive advantage will be a result.

Personal Injury Law firms and attorneys have found working with outsourcing partners is a very meaningful way of working effectively and deliver to the client’s satisfaction on the expected time. It will help the personal injury law firms and attorneys to focus on other core aspects of their case load and other major operational areas and save the time and efforts which would they spend on the personal injury cases. Medical records are highly-important in a personal injury case and a smooth and efficient process is needed to discover it perfectly. Therefore, outsourcing medical records management adds a professional sense to personal injury law firms.

medical record outsorcing

Medical Records Procedure Outsourcing

How Can the Outsource Partner Help You?

Client Questionnaires– In many cases, the carrying-out process begins with clients filling a client questionnaire. The tasks of contacting clients and filling up of the questionnaire through the telephone can be outsourced to the medical records process outsourcing service provider. The task will include calling the client to learn about the main medical components like doctor’s information including surgery dates, visiting dates and the relevant usage of drugs. This will allow the attorneys of the law firm to focus on other major tasks.

Retrieval of Medical Records- After the medical information and provider information has been collected and a HIPAA Authorization Form has been collected by the client, the process of medical records retrieval can originate. This procedure includes the petitioner submitting requests with the HIPAA Form to Healthcare Organizations including Health Information Management, Release of Information, and Medical Records Departments. The manner of retrieval will depend upon the organization or the department’s process and rules. In few cases, the petition can be mailed and in other cases the petition must be sent with an original signature. Outsourcing this retrieval process can be proven as beneficial for many law firms because the process can take a lot of time and efforts and also, it important to win the case.

Follow Up Calls To Attenuate Backlog- A major part of managing medical records and its retrieval is the outbound call process. Necessary follow up calls must be processed. This is another important area in which outsourcing will help mitigate backlogs among the legal & administrative staff of a law firm. This procedure is twin procedure;

  1. Doing follow-up calls to requestees to first obtain the receipt of the request and to stay on top of the workflow and expected time of arrival of the records. In a few cases, this may mean 2-10 calls/month.
  1. And secondly, the follow-up call claims any missing information or the requirement to resubmit records. In most of the cases, the health organizations and records departments outsource the records procedure to a copying service provider or online health portal organizations and call definitely be made to these organizations too. This laborious task can easily be outsourced to assist the law firm.


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