Legal Support Services In India

With the number of litigation expected to increase due to the economy, corporations and law firms are increasingly concerned with cost-effective high-quality e-discovery and legal support services. GSB LPO Service’s e-discovery and litigation services provide high quality, shrewd strategy, and cost-effective legal support services with the combination of well-experienced attorneys, associates, and project trained in legal drafting and citation, specifically for the U.S. Court filings.

We have a centralized system to offer legal aid that helps in facilitating development of pre and post trial motions, a much more technologically advanced support and strategic planning that helps us in achieving the predetermined objectives.

We aim at demolishing the inconsistent, sporadic and unorganized practices  and to ensure a well organized, developed structure of work.  Our services include are inclined towards facilitating business revenue generation, productivity increase, cutting short the operational cost and robust growth by our methods and abstraction.

Why You Should Hire a Legal Outsourcing Company?

Outsourcing legal support work is very common nowadays. Legal firms, multinational companies as well as independent solicitors hire legal outsourcing companies for legal research and drafting, contract management, contract and lease abstraction, paralegal/litigation support services, legal transcription, and digitization, etc.

Every Law firm is interested in lowering costs and increasing productivity and revenue. Right? A Legal support outsourcing services is your answer.

It’s time-consuming to do all the legal work all by yourself, so it is best to hire a Legal support outsourcing company to help you in achieving your business goals. As a business owner, you have core skills that generate revenue for your business, but if you spend time doing the job that an LPO service provider could perform you lose income and decrease productivity. Why not collaborate with an LPO firm in India to get the legal support services that you require, increase productivity, cut down expenses and eventually boost the revenue.

We Offer Legal Support Services to The USA Based Law firms

GSB LPO Services is a firm that offers Legal support services in India and abroad. Our team of professionals experienced in handling your Legal work provides legal and business support services to the law firm, start-ups, and small- and mid-sized businesses at an attractive price.

Our Litigation Support Outsourcing Services Includes.

GSB’s legal support services can cost-effectively facilitate the preparation of

  • Legal briefs
  • Complaints
  • Cross Complaints
  • Answers
  • Motions:

Pre-Trial Motions

  • Motion in liming
  • Motion for a definite statement
  • Motion for summary judgment
  • Motion to strike, Motion to dismiss
  • Motion for judgment on the pleadings
  • Motion to show-cause or Orders to show-cause

Post – Trial Motion:

  • Motion for new trial
  • Motions in Criminal Matter:
  • Motion to sever
  • Motion to reduce bail
  • Motion to change of venue
  • Motion to suppress evidence
  • Motion for appointment of an expert
  • Motion to quash or set aside complaint on indictment
  • Motion for discovery under court rules of criminal procedure
  • Pleadings
  • Legal Memorandum

Petitions along with discovery projects:

  • Request for production
  • Request for Interrogatories
  • Request of admission and denial


  • Writ of Mandate
  • Writ of Certiorari
  • Writ of Execution
  • Writ of Mandamus
  • Writ of Attachment
  • Writ of Habeas Corpus
  • Appeal

What We Do In Legal Support Services?

With a level of professionalism, technological support and expertise equal to that found in an excellent law firm, yet specifically focused on the needs of large corporations to manage the heavy burden of legal processes, GSB LPO Services offers a unique strategic advantage to its clients.