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Medical Malpractice litigation, as the name suggests relates to violation of medical standard of care for the patient, where an injury was caused by negligence or unethical actions taken by responsible medical authority to suit personal interests, resulting in damages. There are many ways through which medical malpractice can occur, such as-

A litigation involving medical malpractice is a complex and a fast tracked one, leaving absolutely no room for error. Concurrently, a notable amount of time for investigation & evidence collection has passed by at the time a medical malpractice litigation is initiated. Due to which, advocates are expected to tread on a very thin and a fast-paced line where each case is different from the other. The attorneys or the law firms have to scour to the heaps of files and paperwork in order to find a single and yet highly important bit of information relevant to the case. Millions of medical malpractice cases are reviewed every year, applying a lot of burden on the law practitioners. This in turn, creates a trench in their capacity to report quality work.

A lot of factors such as, time, effort and monetary investments forces the attorneys to outsource the work for better coverage and recently, India has become one of the hotspot countries for international law offices from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. to outsource their legal work.

How to Establish Medical Malpractice?

In order to establish medical malpractice, the patient must be able to prove fault on the part of the doctor or staff of the hospital. Once the fault is established, the victim can pursue the appropriate court to award damages. Fault on the part of the doctor can be established through-

  1. Duty of care to the patient: A person is only liable if the damage caused to the other person is due to the actions of the person. Medical malpractice basically means that a person belonging to the medicine fraternity has acted in bad faith towards their duty. One of the important duties of a hospital or a doctor is to take due care of the patient whom they are treating. The burden of proof lies upon the injured person to prove that the person or the entity that they are accusing of had a duty to take care towards them or that the accused person or the entity were entrusted with the responsibility to take care of the accuser.
  2. Breach in that Duty: Once it has been established that the accused had a duty of care towards the patient, then the next step is to prove that there has been a breach in performance of the duty. If the patient can prove that the doctor or the attending authority had any duty of care towards the injured patient, and that duty has been breached which resulted in due injury, then it can be said that the doctor or the attending authority had breached the duty of care towards the patient.
  3. Injury caused due to the breach: Only presence of duty of care and its breach is not necessary to claim compensation. An injury must be the resultant cause of that breached duty. A person can only approach the court if they have suffered any injury.
  4. Damages resulting from the injury: Suffering from an injury is not enough. A person must suffer from damages as a result of the injury incurred in order to claim compensation by approaching the appropriate court.

Why Choose GSB LPO Services to cater to your Medical Malpractice Outsourcing needs?

GSB LPO have been working in the LPO sector since 2007. We as a law office understand the needs and requirements of the international clients and are capable enough to cater to them. GSB LPO believes in quality work and has never failed to achieve the high standards promoted by them. Below mentioned are some of the reasons why most firms prefer GSB LPO services. –

  1. Cost Effectiveness: GSB LPO offers various budget plans readily available and special plans can also be created as per the needs and requirements of the law firm for medical malpractice litigation. Also, since the cost gap between India and other developed countries is unimaginably high, it makes the pricing even cheaper for the international companies.
  2. Quality Analysis: Our team at GSB LPO has always strived for quality work over quantity work. This is one of the primary reasons why we are one of the top most medical malpractice litigation outsourcing services provider.
  • Transparency: We are a firm believer of that when a work is provided to us, we fulfil it with great enthusiasm, dedication and honesty. Transparency is one of the core values of our office.
  1. Timely Communication: Our offices are easy to approach and can be easily contacted through phone call or mail. Our contact services work 24×7 and can be contacted at any point of time.
  2. Due diligence: Our team works with great enthusiasm and dedication on each and every case. Before diving full swing into the work, our associates make sure that all kinds of due diligence has been done by our office regarding the work given to us. We make sure that the client understands what kind of outsourcing work we do and what are our capabilities and also create emphasis on the needs and requirements of the client and what kind of work they expect from us.
  3. Skilled Team: The associates at GSB LPO are well stocked with comprehensive knowledge and legal conditions for medical malpractice litigation. Apart from outsourcing work, we also provide advice and strategies on the matters of medical malpractice litigation.
  • Client Protection: We understand that as a business the most important asset of your institution is document safety and confidentiality. We perceive that it is our responsibility to protect the client from any legal breach and not neglect any aspect of our duty towards you. We can assure you that we do not accept any breach in our environment and in case of a bigger project, we increase this security manifolds.

What is the medical malpractice litigation support process followed by GSBLPO services?

Gathering All Details: The first step of the support process is to gather all information possible about the client as per the needs and requirements. Our associates get in contact with the client and get details about the case such as case examination information, follow up checkups, any diagnostic tests performed, medical procedures followed, any surgery, all prescriptions issued, any pre-existing conditions, all medical related expenses incurred, documents regarding insurances, injuries suffered, the damages etc. Once, all the information has been collected, we move to the next step of designing the case.

Designing The Case: In this step all the relevant information is extracted from the case information and the areas to be worked upon are identified. As per the work flow requirements, a timeline for completion of the work is set, lawyers and paralegals are assigned to the case.

Assigning Relevant Team: Once the lawyers are assigned the case, they take full charge of the particular case and supports the client with all possible legal recourse. They connect with the client recurrently to discuss about various aspects, the timeline, the strategy and our approach towards the case. Various tools such as indexing and hyperlinking are also used to organize the data efficiently for easy understanding of the client. Our research analysis and paralegals work in full force behind the lawyers in all necessary research work related to the case.

Client Preparation: Our team members help the client in every way possible. We prepare a work in such a way that it is easily understandable by the client, in case some things are unclear about the work or its presentation, we are always an email away to answer any questions. We take client satisfaction as our priority and our work only gets finished when the client gives us the green light of their satisfaction.

Relevant Information that we require from you

Medical malpractice involves major and complicated litigation. Since a lot of people are involved in a medical treatment, such as doctors, nurses pharmaceuticals, hospital etc, it is very important to ascertain at which step the medical negligence took place and by whom. For that to take place, the advocate must do his due diligence and scrutinize all the relevant documents, they can get their hands on.

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