US law firms outsourcing personal injury services to India

The process of outsourcing and co sourcing has become quite prevalent in the recent times, especially when the prime requisite is to attain cost effectiveness, timely completion and management of work with security and quality assurance. Similar is the case when the US law firms choose India as their prominent legal outsourcing destination, to get surety of high quality work and services. The reasons are

  • Quality content delivery and detailed research methodology : The research paradigm, when it comes to authenticity of texts and supervision with special emphasis on disregarding the redundant material, is very much detailed and raw in India. The concerned personnel put special emphasis on maintaining the quality of data and research methodology.
  • Time effectiveness and deadlines : There is a remarkable tendency of bifurcating the work in terms of short and long term time consumptions and deadlines and that’s how the concerned staff work with all due regard to the timely dispersal of work and with special emphasis on meeting deadlines. As per the statistics, Indian LPO’s have a working time frame of 24/7 and this is the other most important reason of timely dispersal of work and projects.
  • Technological advancements and proficiency : India is a strategically well aligned IT hub with greater emphasis on dynamism and creativity. The technological advancements are one of the most crucial factors that attract the foreign investment and time. The timely disposal with advanced communication tools and legal proficiency coupled with technological infrastructure, is a big influence on the foreign legal firms.
  • Cost effectiveness and security aspects : The services provided here are comparatively reasonable and have a cost upto 80% less than the US legal firms. There is comparatively more cost effectiveness even when it comes to the high end cases or low end services.
  • Language certainty, remarkable conception and locution
  • Work ethics, productivity, proficiency, skills and expertise.

These are the reasons, based upon which, more consideration has been given to the Indian LPO’s From the US based firms.