Why Countries like USA, UK, Canada & Australia should Outsource work to India?

India, the 21st Century global leader has emerged to become the power house in almost all emerging verticals.

Currently, India has become quite the hotspot model for the Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) services with many firms from USA, UK, Canada, Australia approaching their Indian Counterparts for providing offshore legal services.

Keeping the pool of opportunities & an ever-growing skilled legal market in mind, below are some other reasons as to why India has become a prominent Outsourcing value chain-

  1. Time Effectiveness:

When involved with legal work, to be able to deliver work on time is of prime importance. The time gap between India & other countries is the main attraction for inviting LPOs to India. If seen carefully, Countries like USA, Canada, UK & Australia have a time gap of more than 5 hours with India, birthing a 24/7 work cycle. This way, corporations can get their work done easily as when they close office, offices in India open, reducing the work backlog for the next working cycle of the overseas corporations.

  1. Cost-effectiveness & Secure Services:

The cost gap between India & other developed countries is unimaginably high, making it cheap for corporations to hire the Indian Skilled Workforce. Further, bucks on infrastructure, insurance & taxes is also saved by huge margins. India has been recognised as a global leader with respect to cutting-edge technology & innovations, backing the work quality with remarkable certification.

  1. Technological Capital:

Since ancient times, India has been a major contributor towards technological innovations & advancements. For quite a couple past years, the government has been receptive & encouraging towards guiding & sanctioning various state-of-the-art IT development parks and structures to boost the industry. Apart from presence of Technology, the art of usage & imbibing it in day to day legal schedule is also very crucial. This is why the Indian paralegals are preferred as they are not only aware but up to date with the IT-legal globalisation & and are also able to cater to the needs of the foreign corporations.

  1. Huge Pool of Skilled Workforce:

Flair and skill have no boundaries. Every year, approximately 60-70,000 law graduates join the legal profession in India. Indian lawyers are preferred by the blue chip corporations of UK & USA because of the shared colonial past & similar constitutional & legal interpretations. Not just legal skills but most Indian lawyers are also aware of new developments in the UK & USA legal diasphora & have also subscribed to their law journals & other important publications. Indian lawyers, already being in the same industry can provide an indepth understanding & analysis to their foreign counterparts.

  1. Communication and Client Support:

Quality communication at workplace is of paramount importance. Lawyers in their day to day schedule have to deal with judges, clients, officers, witnesses etc. Expertise in English Language helps Indian professionals to work efficiently with the above mentioned people & foreign firms.

Good command over language helps lawyers to communicate & update overseas about the daily tasks & other progress reports. Along with this, India has a tradition of providing customised Customer Support services, which corporations look forward to. The Indian customer Support system has always been well appreciated by the global markets, bringing in a lot of outsourcing work to India.

Apart from these, many other aspects also play an important role as to India being the number one choice for LPO.