GSB LPO Services is a trusted and one of the best LPO services in India, Workers compensation services are one of the services in which our experts at GSB LPO Services are specialized to help companies to cope with employee compensation and coordinate the insurance payment for the injured worker.

After the claim is made the claimant receives an insurance ID and the employer faces difficulty as there exits many paperwork’s leading to errors that delay the payment. Therefore, by outsourcing workers compensation services will help eradicatethe entire burden from the company’s shoulder and frees their hands to focus on priorities.

Our experts at GSB LPO Services keeps direct check on the verification of the claim, factual correctness, arrange file claims to accelerate RCM and optimize the payout. We at GSB LPO Services have decades of experience in workers compensation services, wherein our experts solves all delinquencies and gaps to strengthen the patient-provider relations.

GSB LPO SERVICES are capable and experts in handling workers’ compensation claims swiftly, economically and with our client’s best interests in mind. With our experts we have years of experience assisting employers in all aspects of workers’ compensation, providing counseling and vigorously defending them in outsourcing of needful documents. Because of our geographic reach, we not only know the nuances and complexities of individual state laws, we can also provide comprehensive and efficient representation in multiple ways.

We at GSB LPO Services provide high quality claim documents, legal documents, correspondences between attorneys, insurance adjusters, applicant, faxes and medical records indexing for workers compensation based upon the claim file provided to our experts we than arrange data and mange patient records in a chronological organized manner. Our expert manages the patient’s medical data like demographics, treatment related information, clinical history, lab reports, health insurance ID and so on. Experts at GSB LPO Services are professionals who also simplify the medical terminologies for an easy understanding for our clients and the medical bills are arranged and scanned thoroughly.


Insurance plans and modalities are the important aspects of Worker’s Compensation Services. Our experts ensure the compliance and acceptance of the document in the first phase. We at GSB LPO Services are one of the best workers compensation service providers as we aim to provide and deliver the needs of our clients perfectly by improving collections and reduced denials.

  1. Workers Compensation Billing and Coding – Our experts ensures in managing the medical bills and coding of documentation error, procedural lapses, unwanted delays and slower revenues. Our experts ensure that our clients are not stuck fixing delinquencies and resubmitting denied claims.
  1. Payer and Patient Relations – Our experts ensures in maintaining the quality relations with patients and payers when the care or payment performance is affected. We maintain our client’s relations management functions. Our experts check the eligibility verification and accurate collection of patient data and ensure the submission of clean claims and faster payment receipts.
  1. Payment Collections – Our experts ensures that no delay occurs in payment for the services can affect the revenue generation and bottom line. A thorough analysis of the records is performed by our experts before submission of claims records to avoid payment denials and delays.
  1. Client Reporting – Our experts provide an exhaustive report that includes the status of eligibility verification, data capture, and submission of claims. Our experts also provide records updated every minute to help our client stay on top of all activities from patient eligibility checks to payment capture and auditing.
  1. Fee Schedule Analysis –Our experts ensures that the latest changes in fee schedule are reflected in the compensation by referring the latest fee schedule for Medicare care and services towards worker compensation plans.
  1. Review of Workers Compensation – Our experts makes sure that the claimant receives 100% of the assured claim. But if due to any inadequate payment occurs because of the care plan provided to the injured worker may not entirely compliant. In this situation our experts review to fix delinquencies to maximize the pay.
  1. Workers Compensation Services Process – GSB LPO Services have decades of experience in optimizing the end-to-end workers compensation services with the HIPAA-compliant approach. Our experts ensures in providing accelerated payment and compliance.


STEP 1–Engaging clients through an appointment to collect their specialized document requirements.

STEP 2 – Identifying the challenges before any custom workers compensation services required by the client.

STEP 3 –Our experts than offer a template comprising of various estimates.

STEP 4 – The SLA and NDA is signed, and our experts begin the project.

STEP 5 – After the successful completion of workers compensation services, we ensure fulfillment of all compliances to accelerate the services.

STEP 6– Our experts delivery detailed reports at planned intervals to help the clients stay notified of all the activities.


  1. Police Accident Report.
  2. ED Triage Note.
  3. Follow up Report.
  4. History of Present Illness.
  5. Health Insurance Claim Form (HCFA).
  6. Initial Evaluation.
  7. MRI Reports.
  8. Nerve Conduction Studies Report.
  9. Physical Therapy Progress Note.
  10. Pre-Procedure Report.
  11. Health Services Examination Report ( Peer Review Request Page).
  12. Treatment Note.
  13. Visit Note.
  14. MRIs, X-Rays, and any other Radiology.
  15. Procedure Report & Operative Report.
  16. Daily Note.
  17. AOB (Assignment of Benefits).
  18. Facsimile Transmittal Sheet.
  19. W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number.
  20. Verification of Treatment by Attending Physician.
  21. Explanation of Benefits forms (EOBs).
  22. Denial of Benefits forms.

We also provide customize services as per our clients’ needs and requirements.


  1. Right Prescription – It helps Law firms to understand whether the medical professionals prescribed the right medicines and treatments to the patient.
  2. Corrects Diagnosis – It helps Law firms to know whether the medical professional diagnosed the problems effectively. We guarantee treatments Hassle-free for patients.
  3. Better Coordination – It helps Law firms that whether or not the medical staff understood the patient’s condition and examined correctly.
  4. Productivity and healthcare services – It helps Law firm to understand the medical staff and employees productivity made toward the well being if the patients.


  1. Avoid complexity – our experts manage the complex statutes as it often lead to confusion and overpayment.
  2. Make workers compensation easy to handle – our expert’s makes sure that our clients are highly informed about decisions and aware of the impacts.
  3. Avoid fine – our experts ensure that strict timelines for injury notification, payment of wages and return to work plans are fooled so that our clients need not to pay any fine later.
  4. Submitting and managing claims – our experts ensures communication with the injured worker, liaising with their line manager, calculating the employee’s wages, submitting the forms, consulting with the worker’s doctor, the insurer, the rehabilitation provider, medical specialists is a slow, and often labour-intensive process. Therefore, our experts do frequently follow-ups with the insurer/agent to ensure claims are being managed proactively. That takes internal personnel away from higher-value work.
  5. Sorting employee’s wage – our experts effectively calculates a worker’s wages while in receipt of workers compensation wage reimbursements. This is done very precisely by our professionals to avoid any complications during payroll or workers entitlements.
  6. Follow ups – our experts submits everything on time and ensures follow ups frequently to ensure claims are being managed proactively and that the insurer is working in the best interests of you – the employer.
  7. Remuneration- our experts calculate workers compensation premiums, regulators and insurers require a wages declaration detailing estimating wages for the coming year and confirming the figures for the year just gone. Under declaring wages by more than 20% can result in penalties. Remuneration is defined differently for workers compensation purposes than it is in financial reporting, meaning many employer get caught out unintentionally declaring incorrect figures. Audits are possible and are taking place more and more frequently.


We provide readable and accurate services for workers compensation for law firms so that they get a head start with the litigation process.

  1. Cost Effective.
  2. Complete Data Security.
  3. Professional Experts.
  4. Quick Analysis.
  5. Time saving.
  6. Digital paperwork provided.
  7. No compromise in quality.

We are the most trustworthy, GSB LPO Services focuses on advising and representing our clients by providing templates for our client’s case to prepare strong qualitative document as per our client’s needs. Our client’s package for settlement will be effective with our expertise. Most clients are looking for answers, not false promises. We entirely focus on results.

Here, we GSB LPO Services look out for our client by providing the best prepared document within less time which is prepared in the best way for our client’s claims.

From business support, documentations, strategy & business advice and also employee issues, they always bring smart and efficient solutions and have great contacts for legal support when it’s not their specialty. Our way of working is not complex at all. We believe that clients should get what they expect from us. One of the things that clients expect is a hassle-free session. Thus, we work in the simplest way possible. We have a team of experienced and skilled lawyers always there to help you 24*7.

Please send your file at our Dropbox: [email protected]and shoot an email at [email protected] and your assignment will be done.