Five Key Reasons to Outsource Medico Legal Services to India

Medico legal is one very important sub-field of legal services. It brings the world of law and medical together. Dealing in medical jurisprudence is not easy. This is why it is important to delegate the tasks to the experts. Here are 5 key reasons why outsourcing medico legal service to India is a good choice.

Many Services Under One Roof

Medico legal encompasses in itself wide range of processes. It is important for the legal professional to have the knowledge of every aspect of this legal subfield. By outsourcing the medico legal services to India, the legal firms can have all the processes taken care of at one location. The medico LPO providers have the team of qualified professionals with the right expertise and experience to handle the required processes. Whether it is the review of the medical records, screening of the case, screening of the medical records, clarification of medical jargons, preparing the summary of medical records, medico legal research, or any other associated medico-legal services, the outsourcing company will take care of everything for you.

The LPO professionals also have the experience in various medical fields including cardiology, colorectal surgery, anaesthesiology, dental procedures, medicines, gastroenterology, general medicines, healthcare management, critical care medicine, cardiovascular surgery, and more.

Cost Saving

Another key reason to outsource medico-legal services to India is that you can save significant amount of money. The wages for an in-house, onshore workforce is much higher than the offshore professionals in India. For instance, if the in-house team costs you $100 an hour for a particular process, you would only need to pay $50 for the outsourced services. The money saved could be used for the growth of the law firm in a number of ways.

Faster Project Completion

There is a time of difference of about 12 hours between the USA and India. This means that the tasks delegated to the medico legal services in India could be completed overnight (as per the US time) and made available in the morning. Also, the offshore and onshore teams can work together round the clock to complete the projects quicker. This way the law firm can provide a much faster turnaround time to their clients. This in turn helps them build better reputation in the market.

Focus on Core Competencies

A big law firm may not necessarily have medico legal as their core competency. Or, they may have other legal fields to attend to. By outsourcing the medico legal service to India, the law firms can take the burden off their shoulders and the time they would have otherwise spent on medico legal could now be better utilized in the core functions. If medico legal is the primary focus of the law firm, they can still outsource noncritical processes to the outsourcing company so that they can devote their full attention to the more important tasks.

Access to the Talent Pool

Medico legal services require special expertise and knowledge. The legal professionals handling these cases must have fair amount of knowledge of various medical practices. There is substantial cost associated with building an in-house team for medico legal processes. On the other hand, there is a ready-made pool of talent with the outsourcing companies in India. They are capable of taking care of all types of medico-legal processes effectively.