Which Medico Legal Task Should Outsource ?

Medico legal process outsourcing has become a common practice among the law practitioners. The easy availability of the skills at the offshore destinations at cost-effective prices offers them the opportunity to lower the workload weighing on their shoulders. Here are some of the medico legal tasks you should outsource.

Review of Medical Malpractice

Unfortunately, the cases of medical malpractice are prevalent in spite of the stringent laws against it. Medical malpractices usually occur due the negligence of the medical professional or due to certain unethical actions taken by them to suit their personal interests. The attorneys or the law firms have to scour the heaps of files and paperwork in order to find a single and yet highly important bit of information relevant to the case. Millions of medical malpractice cases are reviewed every year and that puts a lot of burden on the law practitioners. It doesn’t seem likely that the number of such cases will reduce in the coming time. Thankfully, the LPO Services providers are there to share the workload of such cases. Huge amount of data and information need to be reviewed for such cases and most of it can be outsourced.

Preparation of the Plaintiff Fact Sheet

The prosecution and defence must prepare the fact sheet which becomes the source for putting forth their respective arguments. The fact sheet is used in place of the initial documented interrogations. The material and information included in the fact sheet for the plaintiff is crucial in order to start the process of litigation. However superfluous the information in the fact sheet may seem on the outset, it forms the basis of the argument and helps assess the strength of the case. The LPO providers are capable of preparing the fact sheet for the tort cases pertaining to surgeries, pharmaceutical, and all other medical malpractice cases. Usually, the entire process of fact sheet preparation is not outsourced to the LPO services. Instead, the law firms or lawyers may delegate certain tasks involving information search and document reviews.

Medico Legal Transcription

In the medical world, it has become a common practice for the physicians and other healthcare professionals to record the notices for the patients in the audio file formats. This is far more convenient and time saving than writing everything down. But, there are times when it becomes necessary to transcribe the voice recording into the readable text. This is where the medico-legal transcription services come into picture. Many LPO providers deal in the medico-legal processing and are capable of providing high quality transcription services to the clients from the medical industry. The medical transcription needs to be accurate lest it attract any lawsuits. The professional transcribers with LPO services have many years of experience and right expertise to provide the desired level of competency in this field.

Other Services

Besides the aforementioned tasks, the medico-legal outsourcing providers can also handle the following:

  • Case Screening
  • Medical consultancy
  • Clarification of the jargons related to the medical and healthcare fields
  • Medical research
  • Case strategy development
  • Gauging the strength and weakness of any medico-legal case