What Is Meant By Medical Chronologies And Narrative Summaries?

Medical legal analysis requires a lot of efforts and expertise to go in-depth of the huge medical reports, study and read them to find out all the medical events occurred in a particular litigation case such as a personal injury case, a mass tort case, a medical malpractice case, etc. This involves going through the bundle of pages of the medical report to review, analyze and know which medical event occurred when that is in terms of their chronological order. Attorneys receive the huge bundle of medical reports and they don’t have enough time to read each medical report for all the cases and there’s where the Medical Chronology helps out. It is very important to collect the reports from the various sources and arrange them chronologically to understand that which event occurred the earliest and which event occurred at the last, otherwise the attorneys may face a big challenge to win that case. It is understood that it’s not possible for the attorneys to read all the reports one by one and make out an arranged report of medical events for a particular case.

medical chronological narrative summary

What Are the Problems Faced in a Medical Legal Analysis?

  1. Volume and size of the medical reports
  2. The incompleteness of the medical reports
  3. Unavailability of all the medical reports at the same time
  4. Highlighting the main medical events in the reports
  5. Understanding the handwriting in the medical report
  6. Missing medical events in between the medical reports
  7. Collection of the medical reports from the various sources
  8. Arranging the medical reports in their chronological order

These above challenges/problems are faced by the litigators during the medical legal analysis and this makes their task even more tedious, time taking, exhaustive and frustrating. To overcome this, the use of Medical Chronology is done.

What Are The Main Features Of Medical Chronology?

If we say in simple words then Medical Chronology is a task done to ease the work of arranging the medical events in a particular case. It has some great features to focus at;

  1. Arranged data of medical events which can be fetched at any point of time
  2. Digital arrangement of medical events from the medical reports
  3. All the reports provided are in the excel format
  4. Tagged medical records for easy navigation
  5. Hyperlinked points in the medical report for easy access
  6. Narrative summary of all the medical events

This is why medical chronologies and narrative summaries are important and helpful in any medical case. For more topics like this, visit here: http://gsblposervices.com/blog/

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