Medical Legal Outsourcing – Overview

The numbers of medical cases have been on the rise in the United States of America. This has increased the workload for law firms representing both hospitals and clients. Medical cases offer a unique challenge that is unlike anything else a law firm will have to face. That is specific knowledge. Lawyers generally do not know the intricacies of medical practice and this is where medical legal outsourcing steps in to assist. India is the hub of such outsourcing as it has many Medico-Legal Experts and can assist law firms in the handling of such cases in an efficient way.

Research assistance

The services offered by the medical legal outsourcing firms are manifold. They primarily consist of medical experts with an in-depth understanding of the law. As a result, their first, most prominent service is to assist lawyers in the research of a case. They do this by going through medical records and patient history and prepare a brief that the lawyers will be able to use. They also help understand various complicated procedures and methods which might have been hard for the lawyers to grasp by themselves. As such, their primary duty is to assist the lawyers in understanding the case.

Detecting anomalies

The medical legal professionals are also instrumental in identifying anomalies in procedure. They have a knowledge of both the law and the medical practice, which means they know what the standard of care expected by law is and what the usual methods used by doctors are. With this knowledge, they go through the facts of the case. They then identify breaches such as lack of due care, misdiagnosis, late diagnosis, faulty prescriptions etc. Lawyers will need this assistance as they themselves might not be able to identify all these faults as they are not experts in this field by themselves.

Other services

Apart from the above mentioned services, medical legal professionals offer a wide range of other legal and paralegal services. This includes, but is not limited to, Case screening, comprehensive drafting, medical records review, developing case strategy, identifying strengths and weaknesses, expert consultancy, and summary preparation. All these services are essential for a medical negligence case. But if a lawyer does not know what he is looking for, this process might be very hard to spot anomalies and instances where there have been misdiagnoses or negligence for instance. These medical legal firms assist lawyers in all such legal and paralegal work


The increase of cases relating to medical negligence means that the workload has increased. If lawyers are stretched too thin, they will not be able to do their work effectively. Further, the requirement of specific knowledge has also increased manifold. A law firm cannot be expected to learn all the intricacies of medicine before preparing for a case. So instead they outsource the work to a medical legal firm. This firm will do all the groundwork for them in a cost effective manner. It will save a lot of time and money for both the client and the law firm.

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